Where is the time going?

Do you know,where is the time going?Because,really,I have no idea!!!One minute,I am moping over the weekend that got over too soon and the next thing I know,its almost time for the next weekend.
Everyday,I think about updating the blog..Every day,I think of all the things,that I want to share with you all and every day,I promise myself,I will write after the girls are in bed..but,nope!doesn’t happen!!
OK,first things first,Babykins needs to be rechristened:) SD wants her to be known as Babychino on the blog..Since I picked Babushka’s name,I guess,its only fair to let him pick the baby’s name.So,Babykins will hence be known as BabyChino here:)
So much has happened since I last updated-
We completed 3 months as a family of 4! Yes,BabyChino turned 3 months and wow!! is she the cutest 3 month old or what!!! She has found her voice and keeps trying it out,every waking minute..She loves having long conversations and to my ears,its the best music ever..:)
We celebrated BabyChino’s first Diwali and she decided that she wasn’t really interested in a Happy Diwali afterall!!She cried and cried from 3:30pm till 6:00pm..Going off to sleep in between.She calmed down long enough for us to get dressed..and then started crying again..when it time to do the Lakshmi Puja.I wore a saree after more than a year..and in a record time of under 10 minutes!!
Babushka had her new school orientation and today we went in for the information night! She will start Prep in February and Gosh!I can’t wrap my head around it..that my first baby will go to a BIG school everyday,wearing a uniform!!She has another transition day,next week and can’t wait for it to be next year.
Babushka also started Kumon and after the initial excitement fizzled off,she isn’t too happy with the Maths worksheets.. but she loves English and is trying to read,looking at pictures.
My weight-loss has stopped..I haven’t seen the scale shift in the last ten days..All the Diwali sweets and no walking,don’t seem to help either.I keep thinking,I will go for a walk,but the constant running around in the house and driving to and from the kinder/kumon/library etc,4 days a week..means a long backlog of housework,and effectively no me-time!
I still haven’t booked the CT scan..SD fell sick last week..along with the girls..hopefully tomorrow,I will book the scan.
Ohh.. we celebrated Halloween this year:) Babushka dressed up like a Witch Princess and BabyChino was a Turtle.Lets just say,we brought home a big haul of treats…which is a big thing,considering,Halloween isn’t big in Australia.
I leave you with some pictures:)
See I can Roll:)

And this is how I wake up my big sister:)

Happy Halloween:)

See you soon,till then,Be good and Take care of yourself 🙂


8 thoughts on “Where is the time going?

  1. Aww how adorable they look. The like the new name better 🙂 3 months already ..waw time is surely flying.. BabyChino’s first Diwali and First Halloween..Thanks for the pictures 🙂


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