Baby #2

Letter to a 2 month old..

My darling Ananya,
Its been a week since you turned 2 months:)and mommy hasn’t had time to write-if I am not running after your sister,then I am holding you-between the two of you,I feel I have no time left to do anything.Not that I am complaining,I love having you girls,but,still sometimes I wish I was still able to hear and think my own thoughts!
I never wrote a letter to you at one month,because it was still crazy times.Your masi had just left,I had just started driving,we were all trying to settle in a routine as a family of four,without anyone else around..and I must say,as much as I love your Masi and mine,I was happy to be able to have you both all to myself!
You know,Ananya,when your sister was born,I thought,I would never be able to love anyone else,the way,I love her..God! how wrong I was..I love you as much as I love her..sometimes even a teeny bit more..but never less!! And I know every tiny part of your body,just like I know hers.
And you know what is my favorite part of you?Its your beautiful eyes.. They are so alive,so bright…I love looking at all the mischief they contain! And your love,you have started smiling at us..those gummy smiles-aaah I could watch you forever,when you are smiling.But somehow you always save your best smile for your sister. It doesn’t matter if she is throwing a tantrum or rough-housing with you…as long as she is in your sight,your face and eyes light up and you have a big smile on your face.When your daddy comes home or picks you up,you get so excited,you bat your hands and kick with your legs.
You are always moving..Always.After your midnight feeds,I prop you up on a pillow and go to the washroom,get myself a drink of water and all the time,your head is turned towards the door and your hands and legs are in motion. They are constantly moving.. I stand near the door and watch you, those hands and legs moving in tandem…a big smile on your face,when you see me standing there..I just want to freeze time there,just wrap us in a bubble and stay that way..forever..:)
And then you call out to me,yes you do… you little coo-ing,chuckling monkey!You are so vocal these days. You call out softly first,then excitedly chuckle and if I still don’t come,you get angry..oh yes, you have a big temper. And the only thing that calms you then,is when I hold you really close to my face and whisper sweet nothings in your ears.
When your sister is lying down next to you,you keep coo-ing to want her to play with you..when she is playing and not looking at you,you still keep following her with your eyes and keep calling out to her..stopping only when she comes and gives your cuddles and kisses.
Baby, you have already rolled over from tummy to back and from back to tummy,many times…but I think,you still don’t know the trick of doing it..and when it happens,you end up all surprised..and we end up even more surprised and excited.
You love pushing yourself up to a standing position..and when I give you the thumbs of my hands to hold,you pull yourself up to a sitting position.Your Papa and Didi tried it too and for weeks,you would do it only with Mumma,making them cross and me,HAPPY! Now,that you have mastered this trick,you do it with them too..and they are happier too.
Last few weeks have really just flown by,all I remember is feeding you around the clock and changing countless diapers…your Papa is still surprised how someone so tiny can use so many diapers in a day!!!
A funny thing happened a couple days back.During your initial weeks you were both bottle and breast-fed..then as we got more comfortable with the breast-feeding routine,slowly I started nursing you everywhere…I nursed you at the airport,at the doctor’s office,at the library,in the mall,at school pickup,in the parking lot..EVERYWHERE!!! and so,slowly you didn’t have to use the bottle.And then one day,we were going out and I wasn’t sure,if I would be able to feed you,because I had things to do with your sister and so,I carried some expressed milk for you,in a bottle. When I gave you the bottle,you refused to take it…you kept looking at the bottle and then at me.. only when you tasted the milk,then you started drinking…it was hilarious,your expressions and we were amazed how someone so tiny could know the difference!
Your sister can’t stop kissing you,specially when you are sleeping.But,I have no right to stop her.. because you know what?Even I can’t stop kissing you… I can’t stop kissing your cheeks,your little finger,your tiny toes..Gosh!I just want to gobble you up!!!
Time is really flying since you came into our lives..tomorrow,it will be 10 weeks since you entered our crazy world.You fit right in and made it crazier..,10 weeks feel like forever,it seems like you have been here forever.On the rare occasions when you are not with me,and are in the car with Papa,I feel lost and a limb has been severed…and I wonder,how it was before you came along..My life was full,complete..yet, you came and made it fuller,richer..:)
Love you my laddu… love you heaps…


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