Craft-a-thon Day4

Yes yes..i am going to call it Day 4…and I am going to use the baby as an excuse for not crafting yesterday..:) actually not an excuse..Ms.Ananya was super-clingy yesterday..and so,there was no crafting..Anyway.. today we indulged in some yarn craft…And here’s what we made:

This is Sweety,the doll 🙂 and Ms. Aadya loves her new puppet.
And here’s another piece of room decor for Aadya’s room:

Materials used:
Ice-cream sticks
Yarn in assorted colors
googly eyes,black bead

Inspiration for the decor-Apparently its called God’s eye.

The Doll was inspired from Ms.Aadya’s random wrapping of the yarn. She didn’t have the patience to wrap the yarn for God’s eye in the specific order..so,here’s how we made Sweety,the doll:
Step 1- Fix two ice-cream sticks using glue,to make a plus (+) sign.
Step 2- Start wrapping yarn on the vertical stick-first for the hair,then change color for face. if you like,change colors for the body.Make the hands by wrapping yarn on the horizontal stick..then continue on the vertical stick to make the body.
Step 3- Stick the eyes and nose and draw the lips using a felt tip pen. And your doll is ready!

I hope you enjoy making these crafts as much as we did!
Update: Ms.Aadya is using the God’s eye as a necklace!


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