Babushka talks

Babushka has been dropping pearls of wisdoms everyday…I am sure I have forgotten many..but here are some of the latest ones..
SD and I were discussing if we should bring some sweets or fruits to a friend’s place for Ganpati festival..and Babushka jumped in the conversation-
“I think,we should bring flowers..because Ganpati Bappa Absolutely loves flowers!”
After we stopped gaping at her,we did end up bringing flowers to the friend’s place.

SD managed to sprain his neck,while changing Babykins diaper in the car!! Don’t ask me how.So,he took the day off..when he dropped Babushka to Kinder,she told him- “Papa, now listen, you are not well,right?So go home,drink Haldi ka milk and go to sleep.When you wake up,you will feel better..:) SD came home,looking all senti and proud all at once!

SD had applied for a job in some company lets call it XYZ..so every day,he would ask Babushka,”Baby,do you think Papa will get a job in XYZ company?” and she would say ‘yes’.. And SD would promise her,that if he got a job in XYZ company,he would give her a special prize..So,today,Babushka asked him..”Papa,which office are you going to?ABC or XYZ?” SD replied,”ABC”..So, Babushka goes,hmmpf..what is this Papa,everyday you keep going to ABC..when will you go to XYZ..SD told her,when I get a job in XYZ..So,Babushka the best idea-person(her own title) came up with this idea- “Papa you should write them a letter and tell them that I really want to come to your office,I love your office.When they read your letter,they will be happy,they will call you over,immediately!” And before SD could comment on it..she went on to say,”Aren’t I the best thinker?I ALWAYS come up with the best ideas!!”


6 thoughts on “Babushka talks

  1. And I am sure XYZ company is thinking for babushka and that surprise gift toooo 🙂 ..

    Bless her she indeed has some very bright ideas…


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