A Happy Mother’s Day to Me-Post 3

Yesterday,Babushka’s Kinder celebrated Mother’s day. Before leaving for school,she asked me,if I was going to keep the car today.When I said,No,she started crying.. “Then how will you come for my Mother’s Day party?All the mums will come and you will be last!” After much hugging and assurances that I will reach there,before other mums,finally she left for school. I left well in time,so as to not take any chances.. In fact,I reached the stop,nearly 45 minutes early..then just walked around the shops,etc..And then about 15 minutes,before the bus arrived,I started getting terrible terrible cramps..OMG!I was sure,today is the day!I sat down ,took deep deep breaths and that seemed to help. Finally got on the bus and reached the school.
By the time,I reached,a couple of moms had already reached,I think I was the 4th or 5th one to arrive..and luckily,the first among Babushka’s friends moms.Then,started the fun 🙂
Babushka’s excitement- that one thing was worth everything!!
The teachers had done a beautiful job of setting up the room like a spa.. There was a table set up for hand spa-complete with Aveeno hand scrub-then,there was another one with lovely hand and body lotions and another one,where the kids could apply nail-polish to the mums.
Then,there was a Massage zone,complete with chiffon covered chairs,hand-held massager,and bamboo screens.There was treats table where delicious mini cupcakes waited us;also a bracelet making table and finally,a drawing table,where the kids could draw pictures of them with mums.
Oh and at the end of the party,the kids gave us red/white carnations and a potted plant with their picture on the pot. They had prepped the pots,this week,planted the seeds and the teachers had told them,that they need to wait,wait,wait till the plant got bigger and gave them beautiful flowers..But,Babushka and patience are like opposite poles of the earth..So,she watered it and watered it and watered it some more.. until,nearly 1/4 of the soil was drained out and I am pretty sure the seed has drowned..heck even the flowers,we stuck in the wet soil,look wilted!!LOL!
But anyway.. that was my mother’s day!! Hope you have a great Mother’s day too!
After the morning’s drama,a friend offered to pick us up,which I accepted gratefully and then,we took Babushka for lunch.


15 thoughts on “A Happy Mother’s Day to Me-Post 3

  1. Awww! thats such a wonderful way to celebrate mother’s day 🙂 her school is amazing and LOL on the plant..are you feeling better now?


  2. O what a beautiful and lovely celebration. Totally love the idea of pampering moms. Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

    Hope you have a great day tomorrow too!


  3. A spa!! How ideal! After all, that’s what Mother’s Day is all about…pampering and showering your mom with love.

    The cramps were scary but I’m so glad you were okay and made it on time. Yaaay mommy!


    1. ohh yeah,the kids were so excited,showing their fav. acitivities to their moms..cuddling and kissing,showing off their moms to their friends..
      ohh yes,Thank God..it was scary!


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