Do you ever have a day,when you feel like,you are in a funk?Like you don’t know whether you are going or coming?? When you don’t remember if you wanted to eat or have already eaten? Well,thats just the kind of day,I am having today.I think I was in a major sleep-deficit. Today,after the Babushka and SD left,I decided to lie down for a little while,before having my morning cuppa and tackling the chores..It must be around 8:15 am then.. And I don’t know when I fell asleep.. when I woke up,it was 12:30pm! Time to pick up Babushka!! I panicked!! And then remembered,I didn’t have to go and pick her up,her friend’s mom was picking her up. But,they were coming straight over for lunch,they would arrive in less than 10 minutes and I hadn’t even started cooking.I quickly washed my face and got to cooking.Thankfully,I was only cooking for the kids-so made a quick stir-fry and chapatis.
By the time I ate,it was nearly 2:00 but the fuzz refused to clear.. I am just sitting around in a weird funk,wanting to sleep more..wanting to tackle the chores,left pending.. But,I guess,its not happenning today.If I manage cooking..that will be a big deal!!
Anyway,how has your day been so far?


8 thoughts on “Funk!

  1. Most of my days are like that Sweety! ๐Ÿ˜€ So I know exactly where you are. And lady get sleep, when your body needs it….remember you are sleeping for two….


  2. I have been feeling the funk lately..what with horrible jet lag!! Its one of the worst…waking up at 3 or 4 am…its been a week, slowly getting better but not in the groove of things yet…


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