21 weeks and counting:)

So we are past the half way mark..and the 20 week ultrasound is done and dusted. It was a torture..we had to go in for three consecutive days,to get the complete results. The Peanut was in a difficult position and so,we couldn’t get all the measurements on the first day and it had to be completed in 3 parts. But lying down for 1-1.5 hour each day,took a toll on my back!And the sciatica struck again.
The sonographer mentioned on the second day- “If you ask me,I would say,its a girl!” Yayyyy Aadya and I did a victory dance.. Sanj had mixed feelings.. 🙂 The sonographer did say,its only a guess 🙂 So, he can still hope for his cricketeer son!!LOL! or may be cricketeer daughter!
Also, this time,I have anterior Placenta..that explains the less movements.

More about the ultrasound-

We went for the 20-week ultrasound on Tuesday.. and the baby was in a difficult position..So,I ended up spending nearly 1 and half hour on the examination table.. The baby didn’t move..I ended up with a back ache,the sonographer ended up with a stiff back..When she told me after 45 minutes of probing,”Try to empty your bladder”..I told her..”Ohh even a thousand horse couldn’t hold me back!!!” Seriously I thought I was going to burst!!!! Anyway,after 1 and a half hour,she told me,sorry,I can’t see much,you will have to come back again..hopefully the baby will be in a better position and we can finish off the rest of the measurements then.
We then went and picked up Aadya and guess what she looked tired and drained..and sure enough when we got back home,she was burning up.I gave her some Panadol and let her rest.. and then,my asthma episode happenned.
I couldn’t sleep at all that night.. may be the nerves,may be the breathlessness.. whatever,I was literally checking the time,every half an hour and was out of bed,before the alarm rang. Anyway,we got ready,downed brekkies and gulped water.. was ready to burst again,this time,even before we reached the radiology center.This time,Aadya went with us,after much drama-she is not a morning person at all..just like her mumma!! She was happy to see the ‘Video-doctor’ and we got down to the business of studying the peanut’s morphology.. again,the same thing.. not in a good position..:( This time we tried for one hour..and the u/s tech told me,”we got 1/3rd yesterday, 1/3rd today..but you still need to come in again tomorrow..for the rest”..WHATT?? Are you kidding me??
We trooped back again today and finally it was done..they got all the measurements..and we got two beautiful pictures.. and everyone is happy..
Ohh and the first day,we saw the cutest thing ever. Everytime,the u/s tech pressed the probe on my belly,Peanut would punch it -it was like watching a little boxer,lashing at a punching bag. Everytime the probe was near his/her head,s/he would put a hand on the head. Finally the little fighter got tired of punching the crap out of the probe and rubbed his/her eyes and nose..It was sooo cute!!:D


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