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A Rose for the Princess

I started this cardi for the little Diva,in May 2010. I think I finished most of the knitting by June 2010..Then came the daunting part- the sleeves…actually picking up stitches from the underarm. I took it to India,to get my grandma to teach me..but somehow I didn’t find time for that.
Then came the carpal tunnel and the left wrist was literally a pain to work with..and somewhere down the lane,my yarn-related craft mojo,disappeared too.. So,this poor Cardi was left to languish in some dark recesses of my cupboard.
As the days are getting colder,I decided to atleast,finish working on this..I tried the sleeves once again..but wasn’t too confident..and so,just dropped the idea of sleeves and settled for Cap-sleeves instead.
I am really happy with the way,this one turned out.The finishing is much much better than this one.
This is my first lace project and I am glad I took it up.Here’s a close up of the lace:

Ms.Aadya is mighty pleased.I knit it slightly bigger,so that she can wear it for a longer time.
Pattern : Pip’s Cardi fromRavelry
Yarn : Moda Vera- Varigated-Red.
Needle size- 3 1/4 mm.


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