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Look what did you do,now!

Ever since we got married,one habit of SD’s has annoyed me to no ends. Whenever something goes wrong..- The cable channels get scrambled, the laptop crashes,the fuse goes off.. NO matter what… and I ask SD to take a look,the first thing to slip out of his mouth is,”What did you do now?” Gosh!It irritates me…I can’t even tell me how much!
As the years have gone by,I have learned to not take it personally and yell back at him,saying..It wasn’t me..just get up and take a look.But,it still irritates me.
Guess who uses the same irritating phrase?Who else,but Babushka!!
Today she went to sit on her little chair and the chair was turned upside down..her own doing,a little while ago. But,the little brat,looked at me and said,’Look what you did now,Mumma!’
I was this close to yelling at her..when I looked up and saw SD wink at me.. I glared at him,he shrugged.. as if to say,I get it… and we burst out laughing.
Babushka,naturally got upset..and said,’Hey!Its not funny! you better stop!!’
Ohh Well,atleast SD can stop cribbing about how she looks,walks,and talks like me..:P


16 thoughts on “Look what did you do,now!

  1. Hahahaa….this is seriously very Phunny…!!! I can so imagine the little brat and SD saying that…hehehehehehahha…..(you know…am always on the little brats side) :P:P


  2. LOL !!! Don’t dads just glow with pride when their daughters act like them.

    Take my word, make babykins mumma’s boy/girl. Just kidding here. Most of the time, the second ones turn out running behind their older sisters.


    1. LOL!! Glow and gloat,both!!
      And I thought Babushka was mommy’s girl..and slowly she is turning into what I knew she would all along..A daddy’s girl!!
      My only hope is Babykins!!LOL! But I wont be surprised,if S/he is Didi’s girl/boy!!


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