What does a Mummy do??

Babushka decorated my new laptop for me! When I asked her why?She said,”Because I love you,Mommy!!” ..Ohh well,the stickers do make the laptop look cute!! Whattt?I don’t have the heart to remove them!

When I went to buy my laptop,the sales guy,tried his best to sell me the MacBook.I kept saying no..then he asked me,why not?I just told him..’Look I share my laptop with my 4 year old..I would have my heart in my mouth,everytime she touched it…’He went on to explain how it was the most kidproof laptop ever..blah blah.. Much as I liked it..I still wouldn’t have the guts to give Babushka free reign over a $1500 laptop.. Nor would I have the heart to say No to her…So,I stuck to the tried and tested Toshiba!


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