18 weeks and counting..

I can’t believe this time,we havent done any belly shots:(
We went to see the midwife yesterday.It was a nice change from seeing the GP,all this while.She discussed the option of VBAC and much as I am scared of it…I would like to know more about it.
As I gave her more of my history,she said,that in all probability I would probably be seeing the OBs and endo through out…which is fine,you know.. Being in an OB’s care is all I have known.. so..lets see.The OB’s appointment is next month-then we’ll know more.
So far,I am feeling good..the nausea seems to have subsided and I am feeling better..but just tired,most of the times.I am measuring 22 weeks.No surprises there.. thats how it was,with Aadya too..I was always measuring 2-4 weeks ahead.
My only disappoint from the appointment was that we didn’t get to hear the baby’s heartbeat…:( She didn’t even try..just said, we mostly do it from around 20 weeks..:( But,I did feel a few flutters..so,I guess thats ok.
Be well,little peanut..:) So many people waiting for you.


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