My best friend

This little package has been my best friend for the last couple days. The sciatica struck again and I have been sitting on/sleeping on this little bundle of barley and lavendar!
Yes,its a heating pillow,a gift from friend S and a timely one too. Two minutes in the microwave and I am engulfed in hot lavendary goodness.And if I forget it on the couch or in the bedroom,Ms.Aadya reminds me..”Mommy,you forgot your heating one!!”
Needless to say,I smell vaguely like lavendar and toasted barley.. šŸ™‚

P.S.-I just realised its been 4 years to the day,I started blogging..My Sunshine is 4-despite a couple url changes!:P


7 thoughts on “My best friend

  1. Ohhhh..I think I need to buy this for my Hus-Baand!!Plzzz tell me if this is some specific brand ..even better what should I google?


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