..I had a list of chores that needed to be finished. And guess what?I didn’t finish even a single task on the list. Do you know what I did,instead?
I spent nearly 3 and a half hours trying to fix a jigsaw puzzle! Remember I said,I like whimsical!! πŸ™‚ So,yesterday,I was feeling like,I have nothing to do.. really nothing..and what am I doing-just wasting my time.I needed a purpose.DH said,well you are making sure the baby is growing fine..I said,well.. not really..its just something thats happenning on its own!!:) And what about Aadya’s school,he asked? I said,well thats routine!I need something challenging! So,anyway,we went out and guess what I found?

A 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle.. !! yes!! And it was just $5!!! Tooooooo good an offer for me to pass.
So,I got two of those and this morning,after DH left for his match,I opened the packet and started working on it!!
A friend called sometime later..and asked what I was upto..I said,well just thinking of making lunch..and she asked me if I meant Lunch or Dinner? I looked at the time and it was 5PM! And I think I started around 1:15-1:20pm!!
Well anyway,at the end of 3 hours,this is what I had :

Pretty cool,eh??
Tell me,do you like jigsaws?Or Do you find them too tedious and time consuming??And if you finish them,what do you do with them-frame them or break them again?
Looking forward to hearing from you and hope you are having a good weekend:)


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