What can I write about?

I have had this page open for a good 10 minutes and still cannot think of what to write.
For starters,I am tired..very tired-just had a long day,not much rest and then got sick…so,yeah not in a good mood.
Actually,not in a bad mood..just cranky!LOL!
I could tell you about the argument I had with DH..well nothing big..we were just chatting and pop,went a fuse!!And I knew it..I am getting angrier and hotter..and couldn’t do anything to cool down.Poor guy has been walking on egg-shells since he got back home..Me,I am fine,thank you!
I could also write about the 2 and 1/2 books that I finished in the two days,when I didn’t have a laptop.I found some new books in the library,last weekend-Three books by an Indian Author,Manju Sharma.I finished two of the three-called A Married Woman and Home.Both the stories are set in Delhi and reminded me of the monthly(sometimes bi-monthly) trips to Delhi.My dad’s sister lived there and it was just an over-night train ride.We,sisters,loved following our much older cousins around.I will put up book reviews later.
Or I could tell you about the beautiful National Anthem of Bangladesh,sung at the opening ceremony of WorldCup 2011. I actually stopped to listen to it.The beautiful chorus and the lovely sound of the words-wow! The singers dressed in Green and red Sarees and Red Kurtas..Looked so nice..the whole thing had such a nice ring to it.
There..I think its quite acceptable,as a post..:P isn’t it?I was tempted to just skip..seeing as I have already missed a couple days this month..but then,I decided to atleast try and see ,it worked!
Alright you lovely people..I am off to bed!See you tomorrow.


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