Our fun thing today!

A few days back,Shruti asked in a post what was the fun thing that you did today?
Well here’s our fun thing of the day:
We made scary faces. In other words,we put on a face pack!Hehehe.
My skin has become very dry lately.So,I had been planning to put a home-made face mask.Aadya wanted one too..she wanted a scary face like me too. And she wanted to help me mix it. She got the Multani Mitti(Fuller’s earth) from the fridge and poured a little in a bowl.I added a few strands of saffron,some lemon juice,a little honey and some rose water and mixed it up.
Ms.Aadya was ready.She waited patiently,while I applied it to her face..though she had a hard time,controlling her giggles. Then she watched me apply it to my face and we sat next to each other,watching some songs,waiting for it to dry!
It was really nice..pure girlie fun.
Oh and I am liking my face a little more than I did yesterday!:)
Have a good weekend folks!


12 thoughts on “Our fun thing today!

  1. Hi Trish-

    I read you blog yesterday, dont know how I came across but yeah I instantly fell in love with it. I do think its the best way to treasure your memories, may be someday I will too.

    Your daughter is super cute and you look like a sweet mumma. I am a marathi girl from mumbai too…So thought of dropping a hi.

    Stay cool



    1. Heyyy Sanika,
      A big hi-fi from one marathi gal to another..
      Welcome here and thanks for your lovely comments:)
      BTW,one of my cousin is called Sanika,after marriage..and I love the name.Hope to see you around here again:)


  2. Thats cute….. but Trish, both multani mitti and lemon are used to remove excess skin oil….. and since your skin is already dry, it might not be the best thing for you right now.


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