Calling all lurkers:) and stickers love!


Hey you!

Yes,you!!You,reading this post.How are you doing?

Last few days,the blog stats have been really flattering-what with number ranging in the 100s and even crossing 300s on one of the days.Wow!!That’s a lot for my blog.But,what makes me sad is there are just a couple comments..Come on guys,that’s not fair!!

Go on,stop and say hiSmile make my day! Just one comment..yes?Please?Pretty please with a cherry on top?

If you have time and the will,then,tell me,where you came from?what brought you here?

Oh!and before I end the post-I have to write this down.

Aadya’s latest fad is stickers.She loves collecting sticker and putting them in her books and giving them to us.Yesterday,we got her some ladybug stickers.As soon as she opened it,she put a sticker on her hand and then,gave me one. Then she put one on my tummy too! And then she picked the shiniest ladybug and heart sticker for her Daddy!And she put it on her hand. And then Daddy dearest went to the grocery store to get some bread and milk.When he came back,I noticed the sticker was still on!I asked him and he sheepishly admitted, “I didn’t want her to feel bad .” Well! I didn’t know what to say any more..all I did was,reach out and hug him.Smile

And this,ladies and gentlemen,is the 6th post of NaBloPoMo!


11 thoughts on “Calling all lurkers:) and stickers love!

    1. LOL!yes not first..but your 1st comment here..:) So,that works too:P
      And yes,your comment did make me very happy!!:) Thanks for stopping by and welcome here:)Hope to see you again!


  1. Ok ma’am! I am here and I am from Mera Bharat Mahaan 😛 😛

    Aww she is so sweet – the diva will make a gr8 sis 🙂

    And the bond b/w fathers and daughters – totally awwwwwwwww 😀


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