Rained in:)

Yes!That’s what happened to DH’s cricket match today.The ground is flooded.Can you tell I am really happy??LOL!After months I had him all to myself,for the whole Weekend!!WOWW!!

We slept in,woke up had breakfast together-all of us at the table versus him gulping his cup of milk and downing his breakfast in two bites.Aah!the joys of simple things ,I tell you!! It was still overcast and DH and Aadya started craving for Nando’s. Yeah,they get sympathetic cravings too!! So,we went out had lunch at the food court,walked around the Town Center-Aadi,walking between us-I feel happy today.

Now,we are waiting for some friends to come over for a movie marathon.Speaking of movies,reminds me of this morning.I put  a TV ban on! That did not go so well with Aadya and DH.They both fiddled the remote,every now and then.DH resorted to playing scrabble on his iPhone and Aadi,kept asking me every few minutes,if its time to watch TV now.I told her to go play something.And she went on to pack a bag and pretended to go to IndiaSmile And that kept her busy for a long time.I finished cleaning and by then DH got tired of playing scrabble and we all sat down and talked-general random talks.I’ve come to realize that random chit-chats are so rare these days. While we were talking,Aadi and I gave each other mini-manicures-I ended up with more paint on my fingers,than on  my nails-but that’s not important,is it?.She picked chocolate brown nail-polish and I chose Shimmery Lilac.It was the most fun afternoon ever.We offered to give a head massage to DH too,but he declined.

Anyway,mood today is happy..Smile How has your weekend been so far?


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