15 weeks and counting:)


About time I wrote about the Peanut,isn’t it?

We had our 12 week scan a couple weeks back.And wow!!that was the most amazing thing I ever saw.When Aadya was born,I fell totally in love with her,absolutely head over heels.So much so,that I didn’t think myself capable of ever loving any other human being,as much as I love her.It was probably the only thing,that I had in the ‘Cons’ side of my ‘whether to have another baby’ list. But,I need not have worried.Really..the fact that a mother’s heart grows to accommodate all her children is not a myth..its true!

When I first heard the Peanut’s heartbeat..I loved the sound of it.I remember being so tensed before going for the ultrasound.And when I heard the galloping,it was the most musical sound ever!And my sister was there with me this time..SmileShe was in awe too,the whole day!I just wish DH was there too.

Anyway,so,we had the 12 week scan and everything was as it should be.When I was pregnant with Aadya,I never had this 12 week scan.I had a dating scan at 10 weeks and then,directly at 18 weeks.So,I was totally unprepared for this one.The first time we went,the Peanut didn’t co-operate and we had to go back the next day.And then,we got a clearer picture.

Coming back to now,the nausea seems to easing out..well,instead of 7 bad days in a week,I now have 3.Winking smile that’s an improvement.In fact today after months,I cooked a whole meal- daal-rice,sabji,roti,salad,buttermilk!Pretty cool,eh?I still cannot tolerate strong smells and am still keeping away from raw onion smell. But,I can tolerate the fried onion smell..so one more chore has been added to DH’s list..yup!you guessed it..chopping and frying the onions for a curry.And let me tell you,why it’s a big deal.Well this is a guy,who couldn’t even peel onions when we got married.He eats an apple,as is.No cutting or chopping for this guy.And now he does it,without any qualms and like a pro too! Gosh!I love him so much!

I had a terrible episode of sciatica last week..and spent two days in bed..but thankfully,its gone for now.Smile But,my Dr. told me to expect it again.Well,we’ll cross that bridge,when we get there.

The good news is: I have been feeling the Peanut move,for quite some time now..and wow! that’s amazing too.(Touch wood!Now!)

Bas,all well,otherwise.Tomorrow is a big day!First day of Kinder for Ms.Aadya and she is super excited about going.We have picked out an outfit,down to the shoes and socksSmile and we don’t even leave till noon!!

Oh!And hey!Lurkers,I still haven’t given up on you commenting on the Lurker’s post!

Edited to add:Kaala Tika(daddy’s demand!)


10 thoughts on “15 weeks and counting:)

    1. Ohh no,The siblings can share :),the sooner they start the better:P Besides,if I start another blog,I am pretty sure,atleast one of the blogs will die a slow death!


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