I procastinated..

all day long.I knew I had to write a post..but no,I just did nothing about it.In my defense,I did turn on the laptop thrice to write a post.But,didn’t write anything thing.And now,I looked at the prompts on NaBloPoMo site and guess what it is?
Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tell us seven things you do when you procrastinate.

So,anyway..here are the 7 things I do,when I procrastinate:
I make a cup of tea/coffee.Then,I check my emails,browse randomly.
Next,I make a few calls.
Cook-The food doesn’t get to the table on its own.
Take a shower.
Check emails again.
Entertain the Diva-puzzles,padhai,snack,something..all the while thinking,I should really write..:)
Watch mindless TV..and finally look at the clock and panic..oh no!I have to write and publish a post before midnight.
Tomorrow,I will definitely write something during the day!!I think!


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