Catching up….

or getting over the blogger block!!I dunno what?Somedays I find my mind brimming with thoughts-I do mental posts then..coz I am just too busy or tired or both busy and tired. On other days ,when I am not busy or tired,there is nothing to write!!!
Anyway,its been long since I wrote something..picture posts are great fillers and my way of ensuring the blog doesn’t die a slow death..but really..I need to write..to stay sane and happy.And I need to write for you guys to keep coming back!Thank you so much for not giving up on me.
BTW,do tell me how you WP-bloggers keep up with all the blogs that you want to keep up with?I have 100plus blogs that I want to follow but just end up,backtracking to those of you,who leave your url with comments.
Sometimes I want to move back to blogger-just for updated blogroll!!!
In other news, Aadya has started going to a daycare twice a week and though,I love the break..picking and dropping her is tiring.I walk 20 mins one way..in a way,its good,it gives me the much needed excercise..but days are getting hotter and walking in the heat is quite dehydrating! I have cursed myself,every single day this week and the last…when I walked in the heat…About time,I take driving lessons and work towards getting that licence.
The first two days at the daycare were nice and easy-she just waved me off..and then,then third day,started the tears.I left her crying and screaming..and walked out,before I changed her mind.Its hard leaving your crying baby in another persons arms.When I called up later,she was fine.The same thing happenned next time.When I went to pick her up,she hugged me tight and said,I missed you sooooo!
Now I am seeing that she is a getting involved in the group..instead of sitting by herself,as she did initially.And there were no tears,yesterday(knock on the wood!)
Ms.Aadya is suddenly eating less these days..and at the daycare,she barely pecks at her meals. In her own words,”I take two bites,then I scraped my bowl in the bin!” But,she enjoys her snack and fruit there.So,I guess thats alright.
In the last month,atleast 4 people have commented on her comfortable and fluent Aadya is in,both English and Hindi.Some people have an amazed look,as to how she can talk completely logical sentences in both languages.One of our favorite games is to switch language and she switches with us.Our friends pretend to not understand English or Hindi and she even translates for them!
Another favorite activity these days is story telling.And now the story teller is the little diva.And wow..she does tell such lovely stories and she makes sure to include all of her audience as the characters in her stories!
Oh!!And she is writing some..the letter A and the number 1 and 7 and she tries to write other random letters..My dad sent her a slate and she loves it..and practices writing on it.Ohh and she is coloring inside the lines now!I dunno if other kids her age are doing it already..but I am so kicked that she is doing it now.
When I came back from India,I was so stressed,because the kids there,seemed to do doing so much more than her.Then,we came here and she didn’t get admission in the kinder for next year and some friends here,pointed out,how she would be missing 1 year.DH and I talked and I spoke to so many moms in school and then,I thought some more and realised that most kids in 4 year kinder and nearly 5..because Australia has a rule that the kids should turn 4 by 30th april in the year they are to attend.So,all the kids born from May onwards will go next year.By that logic,Aadya would be one of the younger kids,if she went to kinder next year.
I noticed some of the kids are so comfortable and more involved in the 3 year old activity group only to be told that they are all 4 year olds. Aadya is just beginning to get comfortable..but still her involvement and her activities are quite minimal compared to those older kids.So,in a way,I am glad that she didn’t get into any kinder for 2011.By the time,she goes in 2012..she will be ready:)
As I write this post,I realise,I haven’t done an update on Aadya in a long long time…heck!I hadn’t written a long post in a long long time..:)I am glad I wrote this one!


4 thoughts on “Catching up….

  1. Glad you are back! and yeah the WP didnt have any updated blogroll rite? its bad even i miss some updates which i used to follow regularly before.
    And reg the writing part iam also same like you. pinch 🙂

    So how long is the day care timings for aadya? hope atleast you have breathing time before you go for picking up. Bcos here its only for 2 hrs, so by the time you come home its time to pick up. so some moms stay and chit chat that time 🙂

    “When I went to pick her up,she hugged me tight and said,I missed you sooooo!” This part is amazing, kids are real teachers you know! we learn a lot after having them actually. from my side, im not able to manage both work and home and kid. so i shd look for nanny soon or choose part time option. lets see whats in store.
    anyway keep in touch, tc and hugs to aadya.


    1. Hii Shaktii,Its long daycare..I normally drop her off by 10.30-11.00 and pick her up by 5.00. Its a good walk but yeah I do get time to rest/relax/cook.
      I hope you find a nanny soon..what are you doing for childcare now?
      take care and be in touch.hugs


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