Here’s our final submission for Artsy-Craftsy November.

DSC_0446 (2)

Lamp stands made from Old CDs.The rough idea for these came when,Ms.Aadya spotted a blank CD and said, “Oh!look Mommy!now we’ll have to paint it and make it pretty!” Spoken like my daughter!Smile with tongue out

And then,I  stumbled upon this blog and then..we had to make these.


DSC_0439              DSC_0440


For these,we used old CDs,acrylic paints,beads.I wish I had some glitter!

Aadya made some too..but they were literally dipped in color and you couldn’t tell where the CDs ended and where the newspaper covering the floor started!

This craft would be great for 5 year olds(I think) or even younger kids if you use glitter tubes.


14 thoughts on “Artsy-Craftsy-3

  1. Its gorgeous. I once tried doing the same and Mr. Hus-band made fun of me saying its Arts N Crafts for Kids…plus am not as artsy like you.!


  2. Those look gorgeous, Trish! Loved the idea! 😀
    A colleague of mine once collected CDs over a few days, and one morning, all of us had personalised CD Coasters at our desks! 😀

    All the best for your submission!


  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. Glad I discovered yours in the bargain! This post on artsy-crafty is a beauty. I think I met the creator of this concept at the baby shower, didn’t I? Must say it is an excellent way of using new technology to keep a very old (and dying) skill alive among our kids. I am sure kids exposed to Artsy-crafty will keep the tradition of sending home-made greeting cards alive, despite the convenience of Hallmark and e-cards. Am glad to see even Cub enjoy the art sessions with his mum.

    Keep this up, ladies!


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