Baby No.2

AF was due Nov 9-10.And it didn’t come. I knew something was up this month.I was feeling tired,had back aches,nausea after eating and generally tender BBs .I couldn’t even bear to be hugged.
14/11-I asked Sanj if I should test.He said,if I had a test at home..to not bother buying one.I said ok and dropped it at that.
16/11-Aadi was in the daycare and I was busy cleaning and cooking,still feeling extremely tired and hurting all over.And I found a test in the cupboard and tested….I saw a faint line.I couldn’t see it at first.I looked in the mirror and there was definitely a line.but quite faint.
I called Sanj after picking up,Aadi and told him.I got another test and Sanj asked me to wait another week before testing.The week just went by.
21/11-I tested again on Sunday morning.My hand was shaking,only the control line came up.I put the test down and the second line came up!!
Yayyyy BFP!!


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