Artsy-Craftsy-2-Paper crafts

Here’s our second entry for this month’s Artsy-Craftsy:


This is a perfect Diwali craft for 3-4 year olds.Trust me,I helped 25  kids in that age group..and boy!did we have a blast or did we!!??

For this activity,we used:

Paper cutouts of the lamps-using red card stock

Paper cutouts of flames-using yellow card stock

A contrast color card stock,to make your picture on

And glitter glue in assorted colors.



Stick the lamp and flame on the base card-stock.

Decorate your lamps with glitter glue.

OMG!!I have never seen so many excited 3 year olds.They saw the glitter glue and none of them wanted to leave lamps table.I had to tell them – “I  think you are DONE!”

They also made paper lanterns,which they decorated with stickers and glitter glue.


I came back tired,covered with glitter glue.


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