Mehendi night-Day 29-NaBloPoMo

I was looking at old pics and Aadya saw a picture of henna-ed hands.And she wanted some on her hands.And today,when we went to the Indian store,she reminded me to pick up a henna cone. And she held on to it,all the way home.Once home,she gobbled dinner real quick and was ready to get some mehendi applied to her palms.

She was so excited about it.She couldn’t stop gushing over it.. “Wow,mommy,its so beautiful”… “I am so excited,mommy”… “Look daddy,do you like my mehendi” and even DH,who hates the smell of mehendi,said, “Yes,baby,I love it!”

Here’s presenting two beautiful hands,decorated lovingly with MehendiSmile


And now,my diet today:

Breakfast: 1 cup ginger tea,1 bowl chole

Snack:  Spanish Omlette-(2 eggs+1/4 cup spinach+4 tsp chopped capsicum+2tsp chopped onion)

Lunch: Protein Bar

Snack: 2 tbsp Chole,1 small fulka,2 tsp kheer( Confession coming up!)

Dinner: 1 bowl grilled and shredded chicken,topped with garlic sauce,1/2 cup salad.

OK now,Confession time Sad smile

Yeah,so I had a really long day!Idropped Aadya at school,then, helped my friend to celebrate Diwali in her son’s school..went to the craft store,went back to Aadya’s school,helped there for the last half hour.And it was such a HOT day!By the time,I came back,I was hot,thirsty,tired and above all,HUNGRY!

I quickly made a roti and a friend came over with some prasad of chole and kheer  and I just ate that..Thank fully,I spoke to Goofy mum,while eating..and confessed and stopped!!LOL!

How are my weightloss buddies doing?? Go on leave me a comment and tell me.. Smile


2 thoughts on “Mehendi night-Day 29-NaBloPoMo

  1. Hi Trish,

    marking my presence here,
    recently i started workfront, so managing with whatever i get there 🙂
    nowadays i follow some routine like this
    mornings are cereals or bread
    Afternoons i take a cup of rice with veggie or a small amt of noodles, later a coffee in the evening
    and dinners are roti or dosai 2 nos
    im not able to follow a strict diet as my office hrs don permit, i need a bit of energy to keep going na?
    any office lunch box ideas wrt dieting


    1. heyy nice.. mine has gone for a toss over Diwali..starting again tomorrow!
      For work- roti -veggie roll or salad..like boiled rajma/chole with raw veggies,lemon and chaat masala..quiet filling!


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