The one where I bought a dress-Day 30-NaBloPoMo

Its been raining all day..reminds me of Bombay Rains.Strange how most of our memories atleast have one food related bit to it.Wet,rainy days have me craving for Bhajiya and Vadapav..and trust me if I made it,I wouldn’t have more than two bites of it.Anyway,I was saying,it rained and poured all day.I went shopping with a friend..I have been wanting to buy a dress for a long time.I am tired of wearing my jeans and want something new..I go look at the dresses… feel the fabric.. and walk away from it.I did the same today also..but then,I went back..and picked up one and went to the fitting rooms.
“Please let it fit,please let it look good..”I prayed.LOL!!yeah..I am crazy like that..Well,it fit and looked nice too.So,I went and quickly paid for it,before I changed my mind!LOL!
In other news,I picked up my crochet hook today after more than 2 months.The fog in my brain cleared and bit and I took out my yarn and hook.Hopefully now,I will be able to send out the Birdies..Sorry Shankari and Momo’s Ma..
And Thank you for waiting so patiently..I really appreciate it.
And now,the diet today:
Breakfast: 1 egg sunny side up,3 mini chicken cutlets(each cutlet is made of one tbsp chicken mince mix),1 cup ginger tea
Snack: Protein Bar,10 walnuts
Lunch:1 bowl Mutton Sukha,1 bowl stir fry veggies(onion,capsicum,zucchini,broccoli),1 cup ginger tea
Snack : 1 cup ginger tea,1/4 cup bhujiya sev
Dinner:2 bowls moong daal(split with skin),1 bowl cabbage,half cooked.
water:6 glasses.Need to cut down on the tea.


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