First Day-Day28 NaBloPoMo

Today was Aadya’s first day at the daycare.We got there at 10.00am and all the kids were outside,playing.We had an orientation session,earlier this week and she recognised her carer,Nicole.She rushed in,looked around..asked her,”Where is everybody?where are my friends?” Nicole rubbed some sunscreen on her and off they went happily.She waved at me and blew kisses.
Today when I stepped out,I felt so different.Unlike last time,when I stepped out and cried my heart out…this time,I just happily walked back home.I actually felt like I had spring in my feet!!:)Lately its getting harder to push Aadya’s stroller.Hers is a lightweight stroller and as she is getting bigger,its getting difficult to push it,as a result,I am a sweating,huffing-puffing mess,by the time I reach my destination.It was so nice to walk quietly,without concentrating to hear my own thoughts…Aadi talks so much these days,that I find it hard to focus on my thoughts.
I came home,cleaned up a little,took a long shower,had a peaceful lunch.Its amazing how much you can get done,in little time,if the little person,is not underfoot and offering to “help you”.
BTW,Goofy mumma,asked me how far is the daycare and insisted I check the map,to know how much I was walking..and I did..and guess what?Its 1.4km one way! So,today,I walked 5.6km and then some!awesome..ya?
Oh..and I ended up eating a little cookie..I met a friend after picking up Aadi and Aadi was tired and hot and generally being a brat..I was tired and hot too..and the tantrums were stressing me out.We ordered coffees and a cookie to share and a muffin for aadya.I pecked at those and then felt horribly guilty..then,I took the long way home,to punish myself!!!
Anyway,my diet today:
Breakfast : 2 eggs sunny side up,1 glass V8
Snack: 8 almonds
lunch: 2 moong dosas,1 cup sambhar,1 cup spinach soup,3 small chicken cutlets
snack: small skinny latte,1/2 cookie,3 bites apricot muffin
before dinner ginger tea
dinner 8 small chicken cutlets,1 and 1/2 bowls chole,2 tsp mint-corriander chutney.
Water 6 glasses.
Day 4 is over..woohoo!


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