Almost November-Day27-NaBloPoMo

Thank God!October is almost over.I am getting tired of thinking what to write everyday!
Ms.Aadya is starting daycare tomorrow,twice a week. I am looking forward to some time off..some time of mindless reading,some time of carefree walking and workout..without screaming 10 times, “Aadi,where are you??”..LOL!
But experienced mommies tell me that I will feel guilty enjoying..:P Lets see how I do:P
Funny bit is,I still can’t decide,what I want to do tomorrow!!LOL!
Anyway..Day 3 of the diet is over!And feeling so good.
My food diary today-
Breakfast– 2 boiled eggs ,1 cup ginger tea
snack-1 cup V8,2 chicken sausages
Lunch-1 bowl urad dal,1 cup spinach soup.
Snack-1.5 chicken sausage,1 boiled egg,2tbsp Bhujiya sev,1 cup ginger tea
Dinner-2 Moong Dosas with 2 bowls Sambhar.


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