Back home,settling in…

So,we are back home..and settling in..
We are still jet-lagged,waking up almost at noon..well I wake up by 10.00 and Ms.Aadya by noon..:) And I still haven’t unpacked:D..
We are still fighting a flu and cold ..but its so nice to be home.
Surprisingly,this is the first time,that I was home-sick in bombay..and couldn’t wait to get back HOME! And I felt guilty for feeling that way..but I still wanted to be home.I wanted to sleep in my bed..be in my kitchen..:D
Yeah crazy me…
Our first morning here,I kept hearing the phones and door-bells,the dog barking..It was still too early,to call up my dad..Aadi was still sleeping.I made myself a cup of masala tea..and sipped it quietly..and I quite liked it:)
I finished my tea and rang up dad..he was having his tea too…we had a moment there..he was missing the little brat,following him around,blackmailing him for Paanch Rupiye(Rs.5) or ice-cream..or asking him to the take the dog for his 4th walk of the morning..”Nanu,mera frisky bhai is bored…he wants to go for a walk”… “Nanu jaldi karo,frisky bhai ko susu karna hai”(Nanu,hurry up,brother frisky,wants to go potty)…who cares,that Frisky bhai was busy sleeping under his favorite chair!!
Rest is ..the same..we were away for just a month..but seems like a longg time.. normal blogging will resume soon!!
Hope everyone is well..
P.S.- Huge appologies to those of you,who I couldn’t call/email or meet..we spent 3 out of 4 weeks sick..please forgive me..I will reply to ur emails soon..
More later,my Loveliesssss


9 thoughts on “Back home,settling in…

  1. Just saw your pics on FB…loved them ! Needless to say…Aadi seemed to the center of attraction =))
    Infact it happened to me too when I visited India after 4 yrs and 1st time since marriage ..I was homesick and wanted to come..sleep on my bed, just be in my house =)) its funny how things change.
    Btw, did you shop and check out the new malls in Thane? Its getting more western..what you think?


    1. Awwww I knew you would understand!!!!!!!!!!! Love u girl!!
      And I am soo with you on Thane getting more western!!somehow,miss the old Thane..even street food is all Mall-ified!!Na?


  2. Yeah, even street food is mall-ifed…so agree…miss eating crap off the streets..!! πŸ˜€ Did you meet our friend P??


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