so I can write a post today..:P I am going to blabber..about my day today..
We went for haircuts today,with my uncle..Aadi calls him Nasik Nanu..Nasik Nanu had a blast spoiling her rotten…be it with popcorn and cotton candy,ice-cream,games parlour..or just carrying her around in the mall.The brat wanted to take her stroller to the mall…but we refused…so she pouted..”then I will get tired..”
Nasik Nanu said,”Then,I will pick you up”…. and thats it…the diva retained only “pick you up” and insisted on him carrying her…all the time…LOL!
Right now,Nanu,my dad is held captive..he is not allowed to go to his room..The diva is combing his hair and he is telling her stories..LOL!!
How was your day?


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