What’s on your table top?

One of my favorite bloggers Patricia of Colors Decor,is hosting a Table Top Party this August.

I love to play around with colors and small knick-knacks..around the living room and keep changing my table top settings,as and when I feel like.

This week,I set up the coffee table and dining table,with my newly acquired treasures.


My Aunt gifted me this beautiful bowl,this time,when I was in Bombay.I simply LOVE it! We were going to buy another bowl-which was beautiful,gold and red,very busy design,until,our eyes rested on this one..and then,there was no looking back. I am soo glad I picked this one.



The table-cover is one of my dupattas.This one is a gift from the ILs.They picked it up from Amritsar.Its beautiful,but, I’ve never used it..And when I saw the bowl,this is the first thing that came to my mind.


And this is what my dining table looks like this festive season.The table cover is again one of my bandhani dupattas with golden block printed Paisley.The Warli placemats are hand-painted and laminated by my MIL’s neighbour.I didn’t want to put too many things on the table,because of busy hands-a.k,a Ms.Aadya,hence the simple salt-pepper shakers.


And last but not the least,My favorite table- My picture table..and my favorite Ganesha sits on it.

Tell me what’s on your table top?


20 thoughts on “What’s on your table top?

  1. The bandni dupatta with golden paisleys look gorgeous.. Im a huge fan of using dupatta as table covers.. they change the look completely.. Love your warli placemats…. Gorgeous..

    Your gifts are priceless… Oh.. I love your side table.. and the cute pics on there… Thanks for joining in my party.. that was super sweet..


  2. While I love what you’ve done to use the dupattas as the table tops.. I HAVE to ask why you didn’t end up using that LOVELY phulkari dupatta? Ah, it’s so pretty 🙂 Unless ofcourse, you don’t like to/ get a chance to wear dupattas etc.

    And I absolutely love the last picture 🙂


    1. Thanks adarkcomedycalledlife, I am waiting for the right kurta/top to wear it with..The Dupatta is gorgeous..but,I just haven’t found the right thing to team it with!
      Any suggestions what I can team it with??


      1. LOL!!! white and gold with blue block print..i think..tried it with red..n didnt like it:D
        And yes..darling,i see u have given it a lot of thought:D it just reinforces my “Safe” idea!!LOL


  3. Wow Trish! It looks so so gorgeous and festive. Don’t call me over though, i will steal your dupattas in a heartbeat. They are simply beautiful. And the placemats….. beautiful art!
    The house is looking bright and beautiful, but mostly, its coz of the little diva. *hiding behind the sofa, now as defence against u throwing your cushion at me. ;)*


  4. The coffee table duppatta is BEAU-TI-FUL!!!! Totally in love with it.. and the table mats are simply lovely.. giving a real homely look. be careful.. i might come over and steel all stuff from you 😛


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