Mumbai Tales-2

Its a rainy rainy day here..I can’t believe it,I haven’t seen the Mumbai Monsoon,in so many years.The last time,I was here was in August 2004…woww seems like another era!LOL!
We feasted on Bhajiyas for breakfast and had hot puris with Chole for lunch..can life get any better??
Ms.Aadya is living in the fear that Mommy is going to go away for a Facial!!LOL! Two days in a row,I went out with the MIL,to the parlour,leaving her alone with her dad.She hates these Facial trips.While I was away,she asked her dad,”How long does it take to do the facial?” DH was flabberghasted as always by her clear precise question!
We are off to Shirdi tomorrow..if you are going to be there..or if you want to send any requests to Sai Baba,leave a comment..
Sorry haven’t had a chance to comment on ur blogs…I promise I’ll catch up,with the reading soon!
Much love,my lovelies..


16 thoughts on “Mumbai Tales-2

  1. please please… need a word put in… i need my passport back.. will send lots of good wishes your way if you put in a word for me.
    sending them wishes your way, even if you don’t, actually! 🙂

    have a good trip, trish! i miss bbay!


  2. It seems like ages since I last saw mumbai monsoons…
    Yeah and how long does it take to get your facial done ..LOL
    And please send my prayers to Sai Baba and you the prayers very well !
    Have a great trip…


  3. LOL Diva. What a qs 😛

    Dnt worry abt commenting on our blogs Trish. U hv fun there and keep us updated 🙂

    Happy Journey and hv a nice time @ Shirdi 🙂 Baba bless us all 🙂


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