Mumbai Tales

Hellloo Hello..This is Trish reporting from Mumbai!The Diva and her humble slaves reached here last night.
Your truly typed out the whole post and Ms.Aadya came and pressed the Esc key…only to leave me gaping at the empty window!!Gahh!!!
So,anyway,as I was saying,we reached Mumbai last night.The journey was alright,quite uneventful..touchwood.
We had a 12 hour halt at KL airport and that was a good thing,we got the much needed rest.But,the hotel,the lesser spoken about the better.I am only thankful to have found a clean bed and clean bathroom..the rest of the hotel-the state of the corridors and the lack of the windows in the room,I just want to erase that image from my mind…ASAP!
As for Ms.Aadya-She is quite a seasoned traveller now.She fell asleep on the ride to the airport and as soon as we got down,she woke up fresh as a daisy,”Yayyy..We are at Tuku Airport!”When we told her,no..all she said was,”Oh!”,before reaching for her pull-along bag! Once the luggage was checked in,we told her to run to the only empty seat..She just heard,”Run” and she ran..and she ran past the chairs..and then turned..to ask..”So,where is Tuku?”LOL!! We had to tell her,no..sweety,not yet..
The security and immigration was a breeze…only,the Diva found herself a perch under a huge pillar and told us,she would wait till we stood in the long line of 4!! umm..that wasn’t a hit with her father..but who do u think has the last word in this house?
She slept through most of the flight…and woke up only during meals,watched her videos..this time she remembered to keep the headphones on!See I told u,she is a seasoned traveller now..:D
More later…be good…


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