Of Missing DH and super-girls!

DH is back in MEL and I am missing him..we saw him off last night and let me just tell you,how much I hated it!!I didn’t want him to go…I didn’t want to stay back without him..:( Miss Aadya was suitably distracted with her reunion with her Tuku.She conveniently forgets to add the Masi to her name…except,when she is trying to be super sweet!LOL!
So,most of the drive back from the airport she kept fretting about her Tuku and why Tuku wasnt going to Dadi-ghar…until,she entered the bedroom and came out running with a sad face..Oh no..my papa is not there.I told her,he’s gone to office..and she asked to watch some TV and wait for Tuku..she still expected Tuku to turn up..somehow,I managed to get her in bed..and we tried to fall asleep..only for her to wake crying..”I am missing my Papa…I dont want to stay here I wanna go my Melbourne home..”:( I wanted to cry too…I wanna go my Melbourne Home too…
We cuddled and I wiped her tears and then she had a “big idea”….”Mommy,can you put a cape for me?Then,I can be SuperMan and go fly-fly and bring my Papa back…” and then came fresh tears:(….I am so sad for my PApa….I don’t want him to go office..:(
Speaking of the DH,he is starting a new job tomorrow…do,stop by and wish him good luck!


8 thoughts on “Of Missing DH and super-girls!

  1. Awww baby. I am missing my Dad too after reading this post 😦
    Lotzzz of gud wishes to DH and to all of u 🙂

    Plzzzzz come to Hyd Trish 😛 Boarding lodging Guide everything free 😛


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