Busy Busy

Hii people,

Hope you are doing fine.Its been a while since my last post..NaBloPoMo is over..but my mind is swarming with posts.but I am just trying to get on with two days in 24 hours..so its crazy busy time.

We leave for India in less than a week..yess..an unexpected India trip again! so,yayy..but this time,I am not super thrilled about going..I mean,I could easily wait a few more months,before craving a vacation!LOL!

I still havent started packing..the house needs to be cleaned before we leave..I hope I can finish all that,I want to!

And along with that,suddenly our evenings and weekends are super-busy.This weekend started on Friday morning with a friend coming over to spend the day,then,Ms.Aadya  went over to her place for a sleep over..HER first OFFICIAL sleepover.WOWW my baby is all grown up!She had a good time and enjoyed her sleepover,while we sulked! LOL!! yes..we sulked..that our baby is AWAY! yeah we are crazy like that. A dinner and a potluck lunch and the weekend was over,in a blink.

While I go and try to pack,may I offer you,freshly baked Mocha walnut Brownies??Yeah??Ok dig in:DSC03990


8 thoughts on “Busy Busy

  1. Gosh! I love the birdies. Wish I had caught up sooner with your posts. Aadi went for sleepover. Wow! I can understand how you feel. We were sulking when Venky was sleeping in another room with his grandparents LOL! Have fun with your trip. Take care!


  2. Okeee how about sending her to US for sleep overs :PP While you’re in India go to this store called Global Desi and you’ll love their clothes. Don’t worry much for packing…take empty bags only to fill them up in India πŸ˜›


    1. hehee thats a good idea..but if I do that,then DH will leave me!LOL! for sending his daughter away.
      And taking mostly empty bags -thats the plan!!LOL:D


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