HairStory-Post 21


Aadi loves her hair..but hates brushing it.Her hair is so soft,silky and long,that when she is sitting in our laps,we can’t help but touch it.And she hates it.. “Don’t play with my hair!”,she screams.I have to admit here,a little sheepishly…that I was the same..I was vain about my hair!!and since it was silky soft too,all my friends wanted to touch it..and I hated it..:D So,anyway,this is not about me..its about the star of the blog,the little Diva 🙂 Speaking of her hair..I am getting tired of our hair combing battles every day!I just have to pick up the hair brush and she starts crying..the brush touches her hair and she screams. So,everyday I threaten her that I will get her hair cut[P.S. now I understand,why I always had short hair growing up] But the fact is I LOVE her long hair and don’t have it in me to cut it..but seriously…sometimes,I feel,I should just get it cut,so that we can avoid,atleast one of our battles.

I leave you with some pics of the gorgeous hair..but before scrolling down,don’t forget to touch wood!

Here’s Ms.Aadya kissing her Maamu –October 2009


This is at Shanghai airport,December 2009-I dared and cut her hair,before coming back to Melbourne


And this was taken today,DH came home early and the little princess was kissing her Dad happily!(6 months and its already longer than what it was before the cut!!) Come on,Knock on the wood,NOW!


So what do think-Cut it or Keep it??


22 thoughts on “HairStory-Post 21

  1. I touched wood 🙂 And really keep it, because it looks cute on her! Once it grows even longer, you can tie it in ponytails for her and it won’t be that unmanageable. Any case, when she grows up, she can always cut it. (You can also say that she can always grow it, but I’m ignoring that part 🙂 )


    1. Aww thanks ADCCL :D..and yes..there are days when she brings the bands and tells me to make a pony and I am happy on those days..but most of the other days,its like..dont touch my hair..blah blah!!


  2. She has lovely hair! Touch wood! I know how its like to comb a toddler’s hair, so what I like to do is when I get the comb out, either we have books out or her fav snack. That way I can get 20 mins to comb her hair..as her hair is sooooooo curly, it takes forever.. Sometimes I let her browse pictures on the laptop…

    Keep it!


    1. aww clever!!For me,combing when she is brushing and admiring herself in the mirror works well,at times!
      Today,I showed her the medicare ad..and she freaked out seeing the lice in the little girl’s hair,who was crying like her,when the mom was combing..LOL!!So hair brushing was a breeze today!!
      yup..Iknow..I am a meanie!!LOL!
      How have you been?all settled?


  3. haha….Yes we are settling down and slowly adjusting to the American life. Anushka is enjoying herself over here and we get to do something or the other everyday. We miss family though!


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