Tales from the bedroom…

Tonight,I couldn’t think of anything interesting to write about.I went through my photo albums to see,if I could post something interesting..then,I went into the blog archives to see what we were doing at this time,last year.I found this post and I thought..wow..this is perfect..I know what I want to write about.
Last year at this time,we had managed to move Aadi out to her room.I turned the study into her room,simply because it is across the hall from our room..It worked for a while..and then she came back to our bed.We tried again..she would sleep in her bed for some days and then move back into ours..And then the India trip happenned and she just moved back in our bed,like permanently.
So,this time,instead of moving her out,we moved her into our room..actually,we moved her bed in our room..and everyone was excited..She slept in her bed for 3 nights..we were happy..patted each other’s backs..and then..the next day,she crept in our bed..and again..and again.
DH has moved to that bed and She sleeps with ME on the big bed!!!*rolling eyes*
And when she wakes up and finds me on DH’s side or him sleeping next to me..the brat demands,”aap dono kya kar rahe ho?”[What are you guys doing?] OR “papa why did you come to our bed..come on,be a big boy and go sleep on your bed”.
The baby sister..ummm I dont think she is going to get here anytime soon!!:P


16 thoughts on “Tales from the bedroom…

  1. ROFL… ojas had moved to his room a good 1 yr back but then summer came, we had to put a AC and he was in our room and now he refuses to go back 😦 but atleast he sleeps on a diff bed in the same room 😉


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