Life in One Word-Post 19

Monika flicked it from Swaram..And I flicked it from Mon..but as they say,All is fair in NaBloPoMo
Where is your cell phone? – Kitchen
Your hair? – uncombed

Your mother? – perfect

Your father? – adorable

Your favorite food? – Rajma chawal

Your dream last night? – impossible

Your favorite drink? – Fanta

Your dream/goal? – prosperous

What room are you in? – bedroom

Your hobby? – crafts

Your fear? – handicap

Where do you want to be in 6 years? – Settled

Where were you last night? – Home

Something that you aren’t? – Calculating

Muffins? – baked

Wish list item? – HOUSE

Where did you grow up? – India

Last thing you did? – baking

What are you wearing? – Clothes

Your TV? – ON

Your pets? – One

Friends? – Lots

Your life? – Busy

Your mood? – Rested

Missing someone? – Sister

Vehicle? – Wanted
Something you’re not wearing? – Ear-rings

Your favorite store? – Ross

Your favorite color? – Blue
When was the last time you laughed? – Today

Last time you cried? – Dunno

Your best friend? – Books
One place that you go to over and over? – Library

One person who emails me regularly? – Dad

One person who calls me regularly? – Dad
Favorite place to eat? – Maayka [Parent’s place ]


8 thoughts on “Life in One Word-Post 19

    1. yes:) these days,when we visit friends,I prefer to bake something rather than take something store bought. plus,I bake cookies on weekends to last us the week..:D
      And I am not surprised we like same things..soul sistah!
      Pet ,yes a dog:) but not here..at dad’s.But he is all mine..DH got it for me,when he was just 6 weeks old-we were dating then.


      1. ohhhh I love dogs.. I’ve practically grown up around animals, we had 5 cats, 2 dogs, 3 parrots, a tortoise n some goldfishes at various times..
        How sweet of DH to buy u a lil doggie. Hubby is wary of animals 😦
        Whats ur dogs name?


      2. Wowww!!! thats awesome!!
        I want a gold fish..may be will get a pair in summer.
        And DH wants to get a big dog even now..I am resisting :)Our lil fella is called Frisky.


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