And a Happy Birthday it was…

DH wanted a low key birthday…he is the one who likes to do things quietly,doesn’t get too excited about birthdays and stuff..Even festivals would be normal days if he had it his way.
This year was no different..He goes into this weird funk as his birthday is nearing..he is moody,thoughtful..and generally not a lot of fun to be around.
Yesterday,I asked him,what he wanted to do for his birthday and his answer was “Nothing,its a work day”.
I asked him,”what do you want to eat?” and his answer was .. “sada dal-rice or khichdi”..huh??
And the cake..he wanted a plain vanilla cake..No frills..I was like Nooooooo..One nasty look and he was like fine do what you want..but I just want a simple cake.humphh.I said “OK”
He was busy all day long..but again work is something he loves…So,I would say,he had a nice day.:)
I baked a cake,fought Ms.Aadya for the batter.Well,she fought with me..and scolded me,for wanting to bake the batter!She wanted to just sit down and eat the whole bowl of cake batter with a spoon.And she was very upset that the batter had to be put in the cake tin!!
When the cake was in the oven,she looked at it and said,”wowww..you are baking a beautifullllll cake,mummy”..The girl sure knows how to talk:P
Once the cake was done,she wanted to”Cut Papa Cake ,righttttttt NOW!” when I said,No,she was upset again..and scolded me..”Look mummy,I am waiting for so long..and you are soo naughty,not giving it to me”…sometimes I wonder who is the mother.
The cake was frosted and kept in the fridge.When DH came home,she took him by the hand and opened the fridge and said,”Ta da ,there you go..Happyyyyy Birthdayy”LOL!
So,yes it was a Happy Birthday..:)
I am not super happy with the cake..specially the decoration..but ,its OK,practice makes one perfect:)What do you say?
Ohh and I made the chicken Biryani for dinner..Aadi was not really cooperative,so,had to drop the pita bread idea..:P ummm..The man who wanted Khichdi,didnt complain ..:)


6 thoughts on “And a Happy Birthday it was…

  1. Aww she is a sweet daughter πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ hw I wish my kid learns to praise me as soon as it is born πŸ˜› πŸ˜›
    That ws a Happy Bday indeed πŸ™‚


  2. lol..the cake making process it pretty similar to what happens here…my kid insist on eating the whole damn batter too! its a miracle i end up with a baked cake at all.

    And why are you complaining about the cake presentation?!! It looks so good, I want to dive into it- and you made a black forest cake from scratch- hats off!


    1. LOL!!I know what you mean about any cake being baked!!LOL!
      I attempted black forest from scratch last year..did taste awesome..but wasn’t a looker..:D


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