Weekend diaries

OMG! I hate this!
I wrote a long post,describing our weekend in detail and WP,ate it all!!!Damn it!!!
Am soo mad!
Anyway, here you go again:
The weekend started off real nice..we slept in and lazed around after brunch.The menu this week was-cutlets-Railway style and fresh bread.
Aadya was very cranky and so to distract her,we decided to do something fun.We sorted her toys and found an assortment of used crayons and decided to make crayon cakes.
DH and Aadi spent one hour peeling and breaking the crayons into smaller pieces and I sorted the rest of her toys,peacefully.
The crayons came out beautiful.I have made something similar in my teens..mixed some candle wax and assorted colors of crayons,to make multicolored candles..they were quite a hit too..but,the process was too tedious.
I found this while blog-hopping..and decided to do this with Aadi. We couldn’t stop gushing at them and even DH was found looking at them,with an awe-struck look on his face.I found an empty flash-card box and it made the perfect container for these babies.Ms.Aadya spent most of the day,walking around with the box,stopping to open it and admire the beauties:)
Then came evening and the ear-ache.We spent most of the night,sitting up,feeling helpless as we watched her cry.I kept praying..wishing for the night to end soon.
In the morning,both of us had a cup of tea and rushed to the Dr.s office .It was a long wait and finally Dr.P saw her.We freaked out in the morning,coz,when Aadi woke up,she asked to be taken to Dr.P.We were anyway going to take her..but to hear a child say that she wants to go to the Dr. is heart-breaking.
Dr.P said it was an ear-infection again..but this time,it seemed even worse and prescribed a stronger dose of anti-biotics.
We fed her some rice that I asked Friend S to make for her,came home gave her the meds n she dozed off in Papa’s lap.
She is still in pain,but the antibiotics make her drowsy,which is a good thing.
I will have to post pics another time..since WP doesn’t seem to friendly today.
She is sleeping next to me,whimpering in her sleep,as I type this.DH can’t seem to understand my obsession with blogging and this whole deal with NaBloPoMo..but,I can’t help it..I need this,to be me..to stay sane.Besides,he doesn’t know a thing about the love of blog-friends and the power of comments,does he?


6 thoughts on “Weekend diaries

  1. Aww! Poor baby. Hope the meds work and Aadya gets well soon. It is heart breaking to see a child in pain.

    Of course, the power of comments – that is something beyond explanation πŸ™‚


  2. AWWWWWWWWWWW… hugss to u trish. ok bigggggggggg huggggggggg.
    A sick kid is the most difficult part of parenting I feel. atleast for kids so small. Hope she recovers soon. The ear infection could be due to the damp weather. TC both of u.
    n DH really won’t understand.. neither does my husband.. but i truly feel so much more capable of handling things once i’ve blogged abt it. I can totally relate to ur need of blogging.


  3. Ohhh dear! I so hope my li’l darling gets well soon! Kids asking to be taken to doctors is painful indeed 😦 😦

    And sooo much luvvvv for u Trish for being so caring abt us blog friends. This space is magical indeed πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ God bless u all πŸ™‚


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