Abc of my life…

I think this was a tag that did the rounds nearly two years back.I was wondering what to write today and remembered this..Here’s the ABC of my life-

A – A is for Aadya..that covers pretty much my life.And A is for Addicted..to blogging and chai,
B is for Books ..I have to read every night and every morning and anytime I catch in between.
C is for Crochet..Love to crochet little knick-knacks.
D is for December is the month we got married.
E is for Elephants..My favorite animal
F is for Fan..I need a fan in my bedroom.The fan has to be ON and running at full-speed,every night for 365 days..no matter how cold it is.
G is Ganesha,my favorite God and Google is my answer to everything!
H is for House-keeping is not my strong point..but home decorating is.
I is for India..Need I say more?
J is junky-I am a junky and I love hoarding my junk..be it old bills,old clothes,anything!
K is for Knits,Kitchen,Kids..My 3 fortes!!LOL!
L is for Lakheri,my home town
M is for mischief..which was one word to define me,ummm about 10 years back.
N is for-Never give up..thats my motto..No matter what I am doing,I don’t get frustrated and give up.I am not bragging..may be its a vice..
O is for O.J…Freshly squeezed orange juice,is my favorite juice.
P is forPaints..Love my paints..I dabble here and there,but I want to take professional painting classes.
Q is for Quick..which I am so Not!
R- Rum and Coke was the first alcoholic drink I ever tried.
S- DH’s name starts with S and so does my nickname.
T- My favorite letter..after all my name starts with it.
U- U.S.A-Where my darling Baby was born.
V- Variety is the spice of my life.I have to read 2 books together-I have to work on two craft projects simultaneously.
W is for weekend sleep-ins..I have to have my weekend sleep-in..If I wake up early,I end up being grumpy..grr..LOL! I am kidding..I am not grumpy..but I feel the weekend isn’t a weekend!
X is for Xmas..My earliest Xmas memories date back to when I was 5.Xmas was the festival that was added to our (DH and me) list of festival,that we celebrate ,when Aadi was born.
Y- Yoga,my new found love.
Z- Zzzzzz..I need my zzzzz and can fall asleep ANY TIME..If only I had the luxury to do that:P


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