Where did this week go?

Gosh..its already Thursday!!Where did the week go??
We had a super-busy weekend-Indian grocery,vegetable market,gift-hunting,a house-warming party,baking/cooking,a dinner and before we knew it,the weekend was over-Poof!!
On Monday morning,we woke up sore-the kind of soreness that comes from excercising a lot!*Starting to digress-In a way thats good-i dont feel so bad about not being able to start week2 of the Couch25K..Mornings are so cold,these days..I tried going out for a walk,early morning by 7.30 am,but came back with a headache,that last 2 whole days.So,I gave up.But,we have been blessed with good sunny afternoons,so I go for walks..I have been walking almost 40-45 minutes,3-4 times in a week.OK digression over.
So,Monday was playgroup day..Aadi was so tired,she woke up just half an hour before the scheduled time..ideally,when we leave home..but I have a rule,about not waking her up,in the morning.Most days she is up really early and every once in a while,she sleeps in and makes up for all those early mornings.So,anyway,she woke up late,and we reached there late. After playgroup,we went over to a friend’s house,the one whose housewarming party we attended,spent the afternoon there and then went to the park and then finally reached home-Walked 45 minutes.
Tuesday,was spent in cleaning..-somehow,I just dont get that happy feeling after cleaning these days.May be because,I am so stressed-first about the mammoth task of gathering Aadya’s toys from every corner of the house..then the size of the house.I can never clean the whole house in one go! and so even if two rooms are clean,other two are still taunting me! So,after cleaning the next thing on my list was baking.A friend’s daughter S was turning 5 and I offered to bake cupcakes for her kinder class.I gathered all my baking supplies and started to line up the muffin pan and realised,that I had the wrong liners.Aadi was sleeping,I woke her up half an hour early and hated myself for it..but time was short..It was almost 4 and I had to get the cupcakes baked and frosted by 7.00 pm.I almost ran to the shops,got the right liners..and was back home by 5.00.Then,started aggressive whisking,folding,pouring,baking! I had to bake 30 plus a few more..so,I made 4 batches of cupcakes.
When the third batch was in the oven,I started to work on the butter-cream.And it turned out PERFECTTTTTTTT,if I say so,myself!it was just light and fluffy.I finally got done by 8.00 and left to drop off the bounty!A doll got dropped on one tray and then the other..and finally we managed to deliver them safely..with only two smudged frostings!My friend fed us dinner and we came back,only at midnight.
Wednesday-Took Aadi to the library for story-time,then hung around in the mall with one of the mums and finally walked back home.cooked lunch,and dozed off with Aadi.Woke up,cooked dinner..by now,the un-vaccummed floor was beginning to prick me in the eye..After dinner,I sent DH and Aadi to the bedroom and started cleaning,furiously.Vaccummed the floor,loaded the washing machine/dishwasher,cleaned the kitchen..washed the baking trays..and then finally sat down to enjoy the silence and clean living room..the mopping ,toy room and guest-room can wait till thursday.
Phew…just writing about the week..tires me out.Thursday will be spent at home,finishing up the cleaning..and Friday is school day.Saturday is S’s birthday party and hopefully I will get to rest on Sunday!
Sorry,I havent blog-hopped or commented..but now u know why..hope everyone is doing well.


7 thoughts on “Where did this week go?

  1. Delete the prev 1 plsss. Lotsa typos.

    Whoa!!! thats 1 hectic week. You ladies really have it tough. I get so much help here. Doing what i do, is a breeze. I’d go crazy if i had to cook, do the dishes, clean, have fun, exercise & take care of a kid!!!! Just thinking abt it all tires me!. kudos to u that u are managing it all.
    Real sweet of u to bake cup cakes for every1.


    1. hehe..no worries,deleted that comment.
      And i wud be in heaven if I had some help..:)
      but everyone seems to be doing it..I feel rather useless,sometimes..lol.And as u can see..i cudnt do anything for this months artsy-craftsy as well..despite having so many ideas.
      As for the cupcakes..thanks- I love baking..and its always a nice to do it for people you love,hai na?:)


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