Trans-Continental Baking Experiment-Chocolate Mud cake

5 women,across 4 continents,a lot of emails equals to a yummilicious Mud Cake..you wonder how?Let me tell you
It all started with an email from GM,asking a bunch of us,if we had any good,tried and tested mud-cake recipes.I had one in a book that I hadn’t tried yet..there is something about mudcakes that I used to find daunting.I couldn’t pin point what exactly..may be the fear of failing or the fear of getting our taste-buds all excited and then not meeting the expectation..but whatever it was,I had never attempted baking a mud-cake before.
‘A’ generously shared a mud-cake recipe that she had used to bake cupcakes.And GM tried it.It didn’t quite turn out the way,that she/we expected and a flurry of emails later,one by one all of us decided to try our hand at it.First it was ‘A’,then Smitha,then Monu and me..
A’s cake was the best looking and I am sure it tasted divine..Actually all the cakes tasted delicious…
These tonnes of emails exchanged,left me,with so many tips.And what amazed me was,how each one of us,added our own twist to the same recipe-either by choice or by necessity πŸ™‚
The recipe called for dark chocolate and I thought I had some,stashed in the back of the chiller tray,but it turned otherwise.So,I just substituted the dark chocolate with cocoa powder-equal quantities and increased the sugar.I found Monika,online and she suggested the same thing.I love this virtual hand-holding.
I am always a little vary of adding melted chocolate to the eggs…what if it isn’t cool enough..what if the eggs curdle?I waited a little longer for the chocolate to cool and then added it to the eggs and then the rest of the recipe was like a breeze.The batter tasted divine and I poured it in the tin.Only,I wasn’t sure,how much it will rise,so,I just filled the tin,till it was half full.The rest of the batter went into a cupcake pan and the remainder into a 9 inch round.
The cakes came out beautifully..the cupcakes,slipped out perfectly.The main cake had one-two minor cracks,but nothing that couldnt be covered with frosting.
I had recently tried butter icing and whipped cream frosting,this time,I wanted to try a chocolate glaze.The glaze turned out ok..it tasted nice but wasn’t smooth enough.
I liked reaching out to the girls,if I had a doubt,or needed to substitute something.I loved the generous exchange of tips and recipes,that flowed in those emails.I loved connecting with other baking-loving bloggers.
Here are the pictures of my cakes-

Just out of the oven

DH and Aadi,had finished 3-4 even before,it could cool down and I could take pictures.

And lastly,my attempt at decorating with a icing syringe and nozzles!

This has by far been the best cooking/baking experiment,I have participated in.I really hope we can do this more often,ladies.
Do check out what Goofy,Smitha,‘A’ and Monu have to say about this.


27 thoughts on “Trans-Continental Baking Experiment-Chocolate Mud cake

  1. hmmm living in the times of Shoaib Malik and Ayesha S I seriously dont “believe” pics any more…so the Three Musketeers will be in Melbourne early June..lets have a bake-athon and I will be the judge!!


  2. Trish, It was such a fun time, wasn’t it! And our recipe swap did not stop there, either πŸ™‚

    I so want to do it again πŸ™‚ And next time, I plan to frost the cake too πŸ™‚


  3. i’m seeing your complete cake for the first time and I love the sheet of chocolate. it looks so sinful and mushy and chocolaty…yummmm….and those cupcakes look too good to be true! the DH and Aadi ate off the 3 missing ones in the pic πŸ™‚ hee he hee…so cute

    this was so much fun, Trish…can’t wait for our next demanding project ;). I think we all relish this success more because of the complication it posted :).


    1. Ohh yes yes A,It was absolutely a delight!! And the cake was yummy!! I baked a thin 9″ round too.Later,cut it into to semi-circles and sandwiched with whipped cream and topped with glaze..that was delish too.
      Can’t wait for the next project! And I so agree with u,about relishing this success more,because of the complication.


  4. Hey, you have done such a cool decor job, and the cake just tastes like a piece of heaven isn’t it? Yummmmmmm. This is exactly what the devil must be using to lure people into his trap is it not????? he he he. And now we have a sure shot yumm, success recipe for a cake when we really need it. πŸ˜€


    1. Aww you think so??It tasted yumm..but I wasnt too happy with the look..but if u all say it looks nice..then may be it does:D
      Recipe is on Monika’s blog.


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