The first weekend of May-happy:)

Stealing a leaf from GM’s blog,I decided to write about our first weekend of May.
Most of the saturday morning was spent in bickering..we have hardly spent anytime together.When DH comes home,he is still preoccupied with work and we hadn’t had a decent conversation in more than a week.It made us both antsy and we were snapping at each other.To change our moods,we decided to go out,thats when Goofy Mumma called to tell me about the free books and we changed tracks and went there.Check GM’s blog for pics.
There were so many books..Imagine a huge dumpster,that was full of books and someone from the library,kept coming back with boxes full of books and dumping it in the dumpster.There were people standing around it and looking at the books,passing around what they picked and didnt want,everything was so nice and civilised-no pushing or shoving.I looked at some books,found some politics&history books for DH and was about to move away,when the Angel came back and dumped a heap of books in front of me..and guess what they were- Artsy-Craftsy Books!!As if they were dumped there just for me to pick up.I grabbed them,with both hands,carried as much as I could and walked away.
This cheered me up considerably and DH was happy to see his books too.
Oh and all over the streets were people dressed like Zombies..Their makeup was amazing..the white faces,fake blood and the works.I walked side by side a couple and they did their bit to scare me..another guy was knocking on the car windows and asking the people inside to “give me your Brains”..hehehe.
We went shopping after that and picked up some regular school stuff for Aadi,I still cant believe I am the mom of a school-going kid-so what if its just play school?
The rest of the evening,was happy and peacefully.
On Sunday,we took Aadi to the doctor and it turns out that she has an ear-infection and had to be put on antibiotics.In a way its good,because she was in pain and was having trouble sleeping and swallowing.Some more shopping was done-winter essentials.
Other than that,we watched two movies-‘HouseFull’ and ‘Jaane Kahan se Aayi hai’- Both were nice,light comedies..just right to drive the winter blues away.
And just before bed,when I checked my email,there was a message from my cousin- She’s delivered a beautiful baby girl.The picture just made me go,Awww..Another one from our group,who is now a mom of a girl-yayy girls rule.The little Angel is a miniature of her mumma,..just perfect.Another member to the next generation of cousins.I hope this brood gets to spend some quality with each other and thinks of each other fondly,as do we.
Hope the rest of the month is as happy as the first weekend:)
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10 thoughts on “The first weekend of May-happy:)

  1. hey, nice to see this happy post from u after that rant. keep smiling n doing more craft n keep those blues away. n a get well soon hug to the diva.


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