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What Alice Forgot-A Book Review

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Woww..We are already in the fifth month of 2010..This year seems to zooming at jet speed,isn’t it? Do you sometimes remember what you were doing,a month back,or a year back or may be ten years back?Now,just think,what would you do,if you woke up one day,and found out that you have lost your memory of the last ten years of your life.That is what happenned to the heroine of the novel,”What Alice Forgot” by Liane Moriarty.
Alice had a nasty fall at the gym and passed out.When she woke up,everyone looked different to her.But,more than anything else,she was worried about her baby.She was pregnant..But,it turns out,she wasn’t..she just had partial amnesia.She had forgotten the last ten years of her life-she had forgotten the 3 children,that she had given birth to and she had forgotten that she was separated from her husband. The old Alice,was ten years younger,expecting her first baby and madly in love with her husband,Nick.The old Alice cannot imagine what would have caused her marriage to break.
The old Alice was shy and well loved and cannot understand,why everyone seems tensed around her..why her own sister seems edgy around her.
She gets random memory flashes..and is trying to pick the pieces of her life..its like life has given her a second chance by taking away her memories.This memory loss gives her a chance to think about who she was,and who she seemed to have some things got blown out of proportion..and how so much ugliness could have been avoided.
Alice’s sister Elisabeth’s life is running on almost parallel lines..They are walking along side,but never meeting..until now.Elisabeth’s story is written in her own words as a journal entry and makes you want to reach out to her..She has had multiple miscarriages and her pain of infertility is very evident in her entries..When she started bleeding in her last pregnancy,I had to catch my breath.I actually said a silent prayer hoping that this time,she had the baby…
But the most happenning part of the book is the honorary grandmother,who is all of 75 and living in a seniors home and get this -She writes a BLOG!! Yes!I thought that was really cool!
This is a wonderful novel..the story is beautifully written,descriptions most vivid and it makes you think.
If I were one of those acclaimed reviewers,I would have given it 4 out of 5 stars.
I finished reading this book in the early hours of today and since then,I haven’t stopped thinking about it.More importantly I havent stopped thinking about my life and how much,I have changed as a person.

I will write about that in a day or the meantime,why don’t you try to remember what you were like 10 years back..
more later..


6 thoughts on “What Alice Forgot-A Book Review

  1. Wow! That sounds like a wonderful book! It is so true – we do change quite a bit in 10 years time, don’t we?

    I am going to try and get my hands on this book.


  2. Sounds interesting. Your copy or library? If its yours, I want it, next time we meet. Personally, I hope and pray I am a better person than I was 10 years back…. but I still need a lot of work, to get where I want to be. So i would not want to go, where I was 10 years back, because I believe I have evolved over time! 🙂


  3. I had heard about this book from a patient of mine. Got great reviews from her aswell…so I guess I’ll have to read it now. 10 yrs ago..gosh seems like last birth!!! 🙂


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