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A Durango for me..

Winter is here..and I hate the greys it brings with it…grey skies,grey coats,grey moods.
I have decided to bring in color in my life this winter…This hat is the first step.
When I made the Durango hat for my friend,Devi..I loved it.I wanted to make one for myself..but I was so tired of making the orders,that I didn’t get around to it.One of my goals this year is to knit more for my family and myself.I will still do a few orders..but somehow,it just doesn’t work out alright for me.The yarn too expensive,me too shy to ask for the right price or any money at all.This year I have decided to take orders only if when yarn is provided.Lets see how long,I can keep it up.
Anyway,here’s the hat,that this post is about-

A close up-

Sadly,this pattern is no longer available..
I am very happy with the finish of this one.Now all I need is a matching scarf..:)


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