The party that was…

We finally had a party for Aadi’s 3rd birthday, this Sunday.The birthday was on March 30th,so,the party was way over-due..isn’t it?
This year the Princess wanted a Scooby-Doo cake..and she kept insisting..she wanted a Scooby cake,everytime I asked her..and not even once in the last 3 months,did she change her mind.Occasionally,she wanted a Cars cake like the BB got..and then she would change her mind and say..she wanted Scooby and the Cars! ..and so on.So,Mumma promised her a Scooby cake.
A Scooby-doo invite was made using Evite.com..I used her pic and Scooby images and this message(Please don’t laugh at my lame attempt)-
Scooby Dooby Doo,Scooby Dooby Dee,
Guess who is Three?
It is….Aadya Doo..
Won’t you come too?
Come for Scooby snacks and treats..
Lets have a party,that can’t be beat!

I had been planning the party for more than three months.I asked her what cake she wanted and decided to have a general theme floating.But,last two-three weeks have been terrible ,health-wise so,I didn’t do everything that I had planned. But,there was one thing that I was not prepared to compromise on and that was the cake.And I didn’t.More on that when I post the recipe..this post is about the party.
So,the cake was mommy-made Cream and Pineapple cake.

It was light sponge cake with whipped cream and pineapple filling,with whipped cream frosting(?) and pineapple and strawberry for garnish.I looked in all the party shops for the scooby cake topper and didn’t find anything.Finally,found a set of 5 Scooby doo characters in Big W,toys aisle.So,I used that as the cake topper.
I was very happy with the finished cake and it was a big hit with the guests and most importantly the Birthday Girl.
It was a tea-time party and most people arrived by 4.30-5.00.I had planned some craft activities for the kids,if it was cold.But,luckily,it was a beautiful day and all the kids were outside,running and playing and sharing OR fighting for the ride-ons.
When it was time to cut the cake,Aadi was more excited about blowing the blow-out than cutting the cake.Her little friend,S,took a step closer to the cake and that was all the push,she needed to blow out the candles.And she blew off half the candles even before DH or I could take our positions besides her..and called us,only when she needed help to blow out the ones far from her.
Then,it was chow-time..I had planned on making bone shaped sandwiches for kids..but,didn’t find a bone shaped cookie-cutter..(and I didn’t look enough!),so,it had to be mini-triangles..

The Menu was-
Sandwiches– We had three kind of sandwiches
*Mini Bread-butter-jam sandwich-I used the chunky strawberry jam and threw in a few fresh strawberries in the sandwich tin.
* Veg-Chutney Sandwich-The Sandwich Wala kind.
*Egg Salad-Chutney Sandwich
Aalu-Chole Chaat
Veg Noodles
Samosa from the Indian sweet shop
Fresh Watermelonand Pop corn,chips,cheetos,coke,fanta,juice..
And there was Tomato Soup..that I forgot to serve till the very end.
Some people forgot to tell us that they won’t make it and some others had to bail out at the last minute and so,we were left with a lot of food.So,everyone got to take some food home.
And now the most important part of a kiddie party-The loot bags.I fell in love with these bags that Patricia used for her daughter’s party and I knew..this is what I was looking for.Before I saw Patricia’s bags,I was planning on making some bags with newspaper and stamping them with some cute stamps.But,in the end,I decided to go with the brown paper bags-

The bags were embellished with ribbons on a corner and each child’s name was stamped on it.And then a handwritten Thankyou note was tagged to it.There was one for Aadi too and her note said-Happy Birthday.
The loot bag this time contained- My little Pony toy sets for girls(because all the girls on the guest list are crazy about My little Pony),water rings video game set for boys(you know the kinds we used to get when we were kids-sort of like a handheld video game),balloons,blow-outs,mini easter eggs(come on-her birthday falls before easter-almost all the candy available is easter themed!),and Marshmallow lollypop shaped like bugs and butterflies(so cute!)
We didn’t take a lot of pictures this year..but that’s because we were sooo busy having fun!Hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I had fun planning the party.
More about party planning in another post…For now,I will leave you with a picture of the birthday girl and her loot…


21 thoughts on “The party that was…

  1. itna sara khaana tha tau yahan bhej deytee…gman was in melbourne for a week and didnt take any numbers, sigh! i could have asked him to get some food.


    1. Oh ho!! u are telling me now??? can u please let me know a little in advance,next time..so I can send something for that darling boy??Arhaan,I mean!


  2. Yes I did .. luved reading it and am still drooling over the cake and the sandwiches 😛
    Y cnt someone in Hyd celebrate something and hv us over 😉


  3. Oh.. lovely!! Happy Birthday to your little one.. The cake looks awesome.. and the food yummmm… What a lovely birthday you put together… The loot bags look impressive!! well done!!

    Hey – by the way.. I’ve done the paper bags as well… I used stamps & stickers… its a fab idea.. the bags are a huge success with kids.. and you can even get a few kids to make them… pre-party.. planning… (for when your little one is slightly older)….

    Thanks for the mention… take care!


  4. The party rocked big time Trish. And as I said before, I loved loved loved the return-gift packings. (Yes, I know its called party favours, but i am still dehaati, so pliss to xcuse.) And one of my pics made to the post, yay! I am so so thrilled. Thanks for the lovely party Trish, we really had a GREAT time.


  5. WOW…the whole party sounds like fun…ohhh the cake looks delicious, recipe plzzzzzzzz…and little miss diva is really a diva in true sense. *All the boys watch out*!!!


  6. sorry, not been able to comment before. the party seems like a super hit. the cake looks wow, the favours- bags, awesome , n Aadi looks like a charming lil princess.


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