Ganesha Acrylic on Canvas

When I painted the duckling for Aadi’s room,Sahil,my brother wanted one for his room too.I asked him what he wanted,he asked me to choose.I showed him the Little Ganesha DVD cover and he loved it..

So,I painted this one,inspired from that..
Acrylic on Canvas,works well..I am happy with the finish..though,next time I would play around with the background more.

Material used-Blank Canvas,Acrylic paints
Blank Canvas- $3.33 (set of 3 from Reject Shop)
Acrylic paints(collected over time)

Bonus-A very happy and impressed brother!


4 thoughts on “Ganesha Acrylic on Canvas

  1. You are one talented lady ! That pic is awesome. My daughter loves painting too but her mum is soooo not creative or artistic that when she wanted to paint on canvas I got her blank canvas and an oil paint set. Now she has thousands of Qs about how to take the paint of the plate, how to use that paint etc. Please tell me..which one is better for canvas- oil or acrylic. Should I buy her acrylic next time? She did a good job with even the oil paint but I think I should know a bit more about painting on canvases. Please share some of your expertise on it.


    1. So sorry 2 BM..I never got around to answering.
      I think if she is a beginner- acrylic should be easier to work with.It flows easier…once she gets better she can move to oil paint.But I have heard,those who use oil paint..can’t stop using it:)
      BTW,can u post pics of some of her work,if she doesnt mind?


      1. Thanks for your reply Trish. Its not much but I will post some of her art work. She likes to do that kind of stuff and I want to encourage her.

        As you may have noticed, have changed my url. Just wanted to make some changes to my blog – it had got boring !


      2. Yes,I noticed and love the new name.
        And waiting to see some of her art..and yes,please do encourage her..and if I can help in some way,do lemme know.


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