Trying to conceive

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Here goes-
Trying to conceive-Irregular cycles.

So,you are happy together and are ready to take your relationship a step further.You decide to get pregnant.Thats the easy part.The most stressful period of a couples life is when they are trying to concieve.Even the healthiest of couples can have trouble falling pregnant and need to be patient.But its hard to remain patient.We expect our bodies to work as we want them to.If you are lucky and belong to the class of 70 % women,who have regular menstrual cycles,your work is easy.Monitor your cycle for the first few months,get an ovulation predictor kit or study the pattern of your body,have intercourse on the right days,and with luck,you will soon be pregnant.
But,if you belong to the 30% women who have irregular cycles then the chances of your getting pregnant reduce and the levels of stress increases.The increased stress in turn wrecks havoc in the woman’s body,messing up her cycle and in turn increasing the stress levels again.Its a vicious cycle. But you have to remember as irregular as your cycles are,there is a pattern to the madness.
When you decide to try to get pregnant,the first step to follow should be observing your cycle.So,may be you don’t get your period every month,but get it every other month-Try to figure out a pattern.Its is quite possible that you have a longer cycle than normal and that is not necessarily a bad thing. Once you start tracking your dates,you will overcome the uncertainity and be better aware of your body.It may take more than 2-3 months to understand your cycles.
Next step is to determine if you are ovulating or not.Its probably a good idea to consult a doctor for this one.In fact,it is recommended that you go for a pre-pregnancy check up,before you start trying to get pregnant.These checkups can open the doors to a lot of information.Make sure you ask your doctor,all the doubts,that you may have.At the same time,remember to not be bogged down by the big medical terms.
If it turns out that you have irregular cycles because you have trouble ovulating,your doctor should be able to suggest a treatment for that.Most gynaecologist,these days believe that losing 5% of the body weight can bring on ovulation,without any prescription medication in about 90% women.If that doesn’t work then,there are ways to induce ovulation.
Alternatively,it helps immensely to be in sync with your body.It is a very good idea to take sometime to know your body,before jumping into any kind of treatment.Making notes about your body,everyday,can help you establish a pattern and thus understand your body and cycles better.Meditation and yoga are very beneficial too.
Be patient and be open to alternative treatments too.And lastly,if you think,you need medical or professional help,don’t hesitate to ask for it.
Disclaimer-This is just information,that I have gathered from the internet,books,and other sources and is in no way,meant to replace medical or professional care.
I will be writing more on this and similar topics..in the meantime,if you want to take it offline,email me..
Ciao,my lovelies,more later.


4 thoughts on “Trying to conceive

  1. I agree with everything you have written here Trish, and also the need to take stock of your own body. Yoga and meditation have deep reaching positive impacts, and about losing weight to regularise the ovulation….. if only India doctors would actually say that instead of going on crazy expensive treatments to make money.


    1. Yes,I wish they took the time to explain the problem..rather than going to solve it.But again,when someone is desparate,they dont normally want to wait 😦


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