Conversations from Aadyaland

Overheard in Aadyaland
Imagine a pint-sized person,saying “Hey! stop it!” to you.Trust me its hillarious.The pint-sized terror,who rules Aadyaland,tells us,very firmly,”Hey stop it”-

when we are tickling her.
“Hey mom,be careful,dont bump into me” -when we are walking in the park
“Hey dad,don’t talk to my FAMILY! -when dad and mom are talking. Family??

“Mom,I want XYZ”. on being asked,why she wants it..the answer is clear-
“Because”,a girl of few words she is.So,naturally I say no-because,because isnt good enough!So,she promptly goes and take XYZ..By now I am fuming..
“Why did you take that?” I yell..She just looks at me,calmly and says..
“Mom,actually..I need it!” What am I supposed to answer then??
“Yes Princess”
“No,I am not your Princess..I am Tuku Masi’s Princess”,she frowns..and continues in the same beat..”Actually,I am your betu Shonu..and I am papa’s baby”.
DH asked Aadi,today,”Where is my baby?”
She turns his back towards him..and says,”here’s your ulta baby!!” [Ulta= upside down or opposite in hindi]..The only time we have used the word ulta is,when

she wearing her shoes on the wrong foot or her clothes inside out!
I was on the phone with my grandma,Aaji.Aadi heard me and said,”I want to talk to Aaji”..the first thing she said to Aaji,”aaji,kaay Kartey?” without

prompting..Its the first thing I say to her..”hi Aaji,kaay kartey?” hehe..and then she went on to tell Aaji about her day..about how she colored and painted..and

then,”Aaji,don’t worry,I will go outside and paint..Not inside the house! you get a gift for me..oh wait,Upsy-daisy wants to talk to you,Aaji..Achchaaaaaaa she is

saying..Aaji you get a gift for me also”.

Friend S was playing with Aadi..Aadi was pretending that Friend S is her baby.
Aadi-“Come her baby..come on munnu shonu let Mumma comb your hair.”
Me- Pouting..”Ohh I thought,I was your Munnu Shonu”
Aadi-*without missing a beat,”Achcha achcha,dont be sad,dono mere munnu shonu hai!” [both of you are my babies]

This one has me baffled..Friend R is pregnant..and they visited last weekend.She was lying down and Aadi was jumping on the bed..My heart was in my mouth.I told her sternly to stop jumping,she could hurt aunty R. She got upset and was sulking.So,I held her close and told her,AuntyR had a baby in her tummy and if she fell on auntyR,then baby will get hurt.She understood.Then,she sat down next to R and started talking to her tummy,telling the baby,don’t worry,I will not hurt you..I will share my toys with you.I will be your Didi..Friend R asked her,is the baby a boy or a girl?She said boy.R told her,ohh I wish it was a girl.Here’s what Aadi did then..She looked up and said,Excuse me Jai Jai bappa,Aunty R wants a girl..so ek sec..she paused to raise Friend R’s tee and pulled out imaginary baby and raised her hand to the ceiling..here..jai jai bappa,take this boy and give a girl.Then,she tucked in the girl in R’s tummy and pulled her t-shirt down!
All this happened so fast.I was still trying to think,what I feel about it.It is so heartbreakingly sweet on one hand..and on the other,it is so intense.It makes me want to reach out to her and hold her close..and put us both in a time warp!

Ohh its raining babies in our world..friends,cousins announcing pregnancies and deliveries..So,how can the little diva not have a say?She tucks in her little Teddy inside her T-shirt and tells us,”Look I have a baby in my tummy..” I have tried explaining to her,that she cant have a baby in her tummy..only mommies can..but..she still does it..this has been on since monday-we met Friend R on Sunday..Hopefully if we ignore it,she will stop doing it.What is the right way to deal with this?Any ideas,anyone?


20 thoughts on “Conversations from Aadyaland

  1. WOW…!!! I can’t believe she talks soooo much and it sounds soooo sweet for the ears =)) Love her soooo very much ! Wish could see her talk =(( maybe webchat????


  2. This is something all kids will do. The 3 yr old boys in Samar’s preschool were walking around with balls under their shirts saying they had babies.(we have 4-5 preggo moms in the class)

    Its pretend play šŸ™‚


    1. Hehehee..I am glad I wrote that here..atleast,I know its normal..Today she told me..She knew there was a baby in my tummy!LOL!I said.no baby thats just fat!LOL


  3. Wonderful read, Aadya is SO SO CUTE! Loads of kisses to her.
    And the one where she held up the imaginary baby to God, thats something, I’m speechless rather wordless.


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