Friends Forever-Guest post

I first stumbled upon Rayshma’s when Aadi was a couple weeks old.I read her blog,when I was up nursing Aadi inthe wee hours of the morning and her post made me smile,despite my sleep deprived state.I still remember,she had blogged about being cooped up at home that day.It reminded me of my days in Toronto.But,sleep took over and I forgot to save her url and I was discovering new blogs then..so,there was no way I could find her again.
Imagine my surprise,when I moved to texas and found another blogger,in Texas..and that blogger was Raysh!She was truly my Texas Sunshine.We exchanged emails and there was a connection..We met and got along like a house on fire..and before she knew what hit her,Aadya had a new aunt!:D
When I decided to do guest posts,this month,I don’t know what I was expecting..I just knew that I wanted to spread some smiles through the people who made me smile..:) But,Raysh this post..is making me turn beet red..seriously..:P
And the rest of you,here’s Rayshma for you-

Whenever i think of trish, i find myself smiling. that’s just the way she is, i guess! happy, cheerful… always smiling. and her smile sure is contagious! she is what is generally perceived as a giver. she gives without expecting… she remembers your likes and dislikes despite the hazaar things she has to do… and that’s bcoz she genuinely cares.
saying she’s enthusiastic or talented really does no justice to her. she’s beyond all of that. her zest for life makes her one friend you’ll always want! if you don’t know how talented she is, you should drop by her art blog… and i dare you to come back without saying “WOW!!! frikkin fantastic!” *or something to the effect* THAT is how good she really is. and i think her personality really shines through because of how genuine she is. she doesn’t need to put on an act of enthusiasm, it comes naturally to her. and sometimes, i wonder how…!

she’s the first blog-pal i met. and i sure as hell glad that i met her! i used to believe that my blog made me look like a better person than i am. i am, in person, rather shy. i take time to open up to people… to consider them friends… but trish never made me feel that i didn’t know her. it was like meeting a long-lost friend… someone i wanted to meet, but hadn’t got down to. as they say, some connections just happen. and i am so so honored to be doing a guest post for her.

here’s to many more years of blogging and friendship.
love you gurl! MUAH!

This is the third Guest post..you can read the previous guest posts, here and here.


3 thoughts on “Friends Forever-Guest post

  1. you know, i really wish i could’ve caught up with you more while in texas… but someday, we shall make up for all of that! 🙂

    and yes, aadi smiled at ME first, not at vin who, apparently, is good with children. so she’s ALWAYS gonna be speshul! 😀

    you stay happy gurl… suits you best! 🙂 MUAH!


    1. Awww I wish we could have met up more..but iss OK,we’ll make up!
      HEhehee I remember how you were both,trying to get the first smile..and she did smile at you first!!:D that whirlwind trip was so much fun..and the lunch..yummmm!


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